Nouveau Paris

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Spacecraft Registry
Nouveau Paris
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRockhounds asteroid SR-06
OwnerEuropean Space Agency
Flag of RecordEuropean Union
Auxillary VehiclesThor Heyerdahl, others
Operational StatusActive
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Rockhounds asteroid SR-06, usually referred to by Fen as Nouveau Paris, is in geosynchronous orbit over Paris, France; the European Space Agency operates it as a satellite maintenance depot.

During 2013 and 2014 ESA silently began upgrading the depot into a small orbital yard, where they assembled their first Interplanetary Space Vehicle Thor Heyerdahl.

Since the maiden launch of the Thor Heyerdahl in 2015 Nouveau Paris has been the home port of ESA's fleet of ISVs. All of their assembly and maintenance will be done here.


After its retirement at the end of April 2013, the Herschel Space Observatory was brought to SR-06 for safekeeping.