John Henry

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Spacecraft Registry
L5 Station John Henry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Drive RatingStation-keeping only
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
Registry NumberL5-K
PurposeIndustrial platform
Other Crewapproximately 145 people
Operational StatusActive
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We can wave a rack, we can build a track, we can fab and fit-out do. Do anything you want us to

Named for An American folk hero, the industrial platform John Henry is the primary mass-production center in cislunar space, serving both mundane and fenspace customers. Specialising in structural projects such as habitat modules for Space Stations, or prefabricated space vessel components the platform will construct anything for any reputable customer, for the right price. Modular production and construction techniques allow them to build pretty much anything out of standardised components.

The platform itself consists of a relatively cramped habitat module, containing worker's quarters and administrative offices, and an open-planned platform consisting of a number of different-sized workshops, capable of varying atmospheric and gravitational conditions to match the requirements of the project. Two massive thermal collector/radiators glow a deep cherry-red when in operation. The most distinctive features of the station are the two gantry cranes named Jake and Jamie, spanning the dock where large-scale structures are fabricated. A cast iron statue of John Henry himself holding a 20lb lump hammer, is just inside the primary visitor's airlock.

John Henry also provides a number of apprenticeships in various spacecraft construction techniques, and will never turn away an unemployed Fen just looking for honest work to pay their way. However, while it may be honest work, it's far from easy work. Labourers are expected to muck in whenever and wherever they're required and a lot of it is hot, dirty and very physically demanding.

Spacecraft For Sale

Swordfish Mono Racer - Military and civilian versions as build-to-order.

Known Station Quirks

  • Every man his fair share.: The station will never turn away fen looking for work. Somehow, there's always enough work to go around and enough money to pay the new employees... provided they're willing to do, or learn to do, anything.
  • The Steel Drivin' Ghost: Sometimes, when work has stopped for the night a single hammer will be heard ringing out a rhythm through the station. Ting...Ting...Ting...Ting. Attempts to find the source of the ringing always fail. Some believe that it's the ghost of John Henry himself doing his fair share of work as best he can..