Arisia Station

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Spacecraft Registry
Arisia Station
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullStanford torus
Length1800 m in diameter
Height130 m
Mass10.64 Mt
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive Rating0.0025c
Primary ManufacturerHephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd.
OwnerFenspace Convention
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
Registry NumberOGJ-1
PurposeGreat Justice Headquarters
Operational StatusActive
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Arisia Station

OGJ flag.gif

Airport type Military: Air Force Base
Owner/Operator Great Justice, Fenspace Convention
Location free space between Earth and Mars
Built 2013
In use 2013 - present
Occupants Great Justice

Arisia Station, a Stanford torus in free solar orbit between Earth and Mars, is the General Headquarters for Operation Great Justice.

It is on a similar but differently timed Hohmann transfer orbit than the Island.

Arisia Station was constructed by Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd., who saw the need for a permanent facility for the headquarters of the Convention's armed forces when the Great Justice Supreme Command was forced to move from Stellvia to Grover's Corners. The station was sufficiently ready for Supreme Command to move in immediately after SerenityCon (just before Great Justice located the Boskonian installation code-named "Boskone One"), but was not completed until a few months after the end of the Boskone War.

Arisia houses the Great Justice Supreme Command[1], liaison offices to militarily-important factions (including the Warsies, the Belters, and the Blue Blazers[2]), a small drydock, a hospital, and other essential facilities. This was one of the busiest places in the Solar System during the final months of the Boskone War.


  1. Which makes it the closest thing to an official headquarters for the SOS-dan faction
  2. Disaster relief is often needed after a battle, especially by the people who just happened to be living on the battleground at the time.