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SOS-con is the popular name of the 2012 Fenspace Convention. Aside from being notable for being the first Convention called under the emergency clause that allows for anyone to call a Convention in times of great need, a large number of noteworthy events took place at SOS-con.

The first was the catapulting of the SOS-dan from total obscurity to Major Power status in one week. Their leader, Haruhi Suzumiya, was the one who called the Convention, and her personal charisma drove the proceedings to the conclusion she wanted.

That conclusion was the second, and probably the most important, noteworthy event at SOS-con: the founding of Operation Great Justice. While various factions had cooperated before SOS-con, Great Justice was the first organization in which all the factions took part.

The third noteworthy event was the realization of just how thoroughly Fenspace had been infiltrated by various Boskonian groups. It took the uncovering and breaking of a slaver ring that was bold and clever enough to take victims right out of SOS-con's attendees to get some Fen to recognize that the problem that Great Justice was formed to solve even existed.

Barely noticed at the time were the fourth and fifth noteworthy events of SOS-con: the ending of the three-year shunning of the Stellvians by much of Fenspace (which had started after the Kaboomite Incident at Island-con), and the first meeting of Katz Schrödinger and Noah Scott (who quickly became Great Justice's elite OF-8 Troubleshooter team.) These two events started a chain of actions and reactions that led to the founding of the Space Patrol in 2013.

And the T-shirts were pretty good quality for rush jobs, too.

SOS-con was held at Port Phobos.


SOS-con is the backdrop to Convention Thread GO!