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Welcome to the Fenspace Story Archive! For your convenience, the stories themselves are indexed by general period, or "season."

A full listing of Fenspace fiction can be found at this link.

The Fenspace Archive Has Moved!

For ease of access and a better overall reading experience, we the Collective have moved the official Fenspace story archive from the FenWiki to Archive of Our Own. The FenWiki archive will likely remain up for a while out of inertia, but it will no longer be updated on a regular basis.

Season 0

see Season 0

This section details the period 2007-2012, and deals with the origin stories for many of Fenspace's main characters.

Season 1

see Season 1

Season One contains the first major story arcs for Fenspace; the Boskone War, the Miranda deep-space mission and the Soviet Air Force expedition to Delta Pavonis

Season 2

see Season 2

Season Two deals with the next arcs. After a breather, the Convention comes to terms with the Miranda and Delta Pavonis discoveries and starts the Great Age of Exploration

Fenspace Infinities

see Fenspace Infinities

Random stories of some interest, but questionable canon.