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"Operation Great Justice" and "OGJ" redirect here. For the pan-factional military organization, see Great Justice.

The Boskone War is the name given to the first large scale organized armed conflict in space. Officially, it ran from March 2012 to January 2014[1]. It started when the SOS-dan called SOS-Con to deal with the newly-realized threat of organized reavers assaulting Fen outposts and ships towards the Main Belt and ended with the fall of Boskone Prime.


The boskonian organization had their origins in both Earthbound organized crime and homegrown Fennish criminals. The lawless environment of Fenspace seemed to be an ideal place to expand operations into. However, there really wasn't much to steal or extort from anybody.

This changed with two discoveries: Thionite was synthesized from the byproducts of several Venusian terraforming bacteria, and the Catgirling Machine was developed.

The production of an addictive drug, especially one whose production could be completely controlled, was of immense interest to the small but ambitious zwilniks. The Catgirling Machine finally offered a solution to a question unethical people had been asking since biomodding had been discovered: Could you use 'wavium to reliably edit a person's mind and body? Despite the production of Furries, the Catgirling Machine offered the zwilniks the chance to produce appropriately-docile slave women en masse for various markets on Earth.

The increased assaults on Main Belt colonies, gondoliers and mining operations brought the existence of an organized enemy to the attention of Fenspace in general and the SOS-dan in particular.

The Fennish response, creating Great Justice, was initially seen as somewhat laughable and influenced some of the Boskonian leaders to believe they could conquer Fenspace by shattering the major factions. While this proved harder than they had anticipated, OGJ's initial ineffectiveness kept their confidence high and gave them the confidence to band together into the "Boskonian Faction" that Fenspace had previously only imagined existed.

The fall of Crystal Osaka was one of the major events of the war, and was considered a blow by both sides; the Fen for the loss of life and the city, the Boskonians for the loss in thionite production and associated revenue and the loss of several ships and their crews.

The zwilniks targeted the Belt-based factions heavily, as they tend to be the farthest from immediate support. The Space Pirates, the Ninja and the Wizards all suffered repeated attacks, with the Wizards coming off the worst as they were the least militant of the three. Pirate Island and Hidden Asteroid both came under attack during the war; the Ninja lost a number of genin teams and their instructors early on, before they understood the organized threat they were facing.

One of the consequences of the war is the large number of catgirls among the Pirates and Ninja. However, not every catgirled prisoner recovered enough to be functional, and not all of those who did wanted to go back to their original faction.

The Interdimensional Incursion Incident occurred in May 2013 during the war, and resulted in Fenspace gaining what has become known as the Whole Fenspace Catalog. Rumours of the catalog's contents and that a copy would be available at Serenity-Con led to the Boskonians launching a major assault at the con. They had hoped to capture the catalog and decapitate the Fennish leadership by killing the SMOFs gathered there. The attack on Serenity-Con was beaten off, though not easily.

Great Justice was reorganized; the Space Patrol was created and the military arm of Great Justice was streamlined and made more efficient. The newly reorganized Great Justice tracked the attack on Serenity-Con back to its staging area, code named Boskone One. Fleet Operation Atilla was launched against Boskone One, which fell to the Fenspace Convention.

Four months after the Serentity-Con attack, OGJ and the Patrol's intelligence services had severely damaged Boskonian operations and located their central base, Boskone Prime. They also learned that the Boskonians were planning another major strike and were gathering ships.

United Federation of Planets Task Force Alpha leaving Mars to rendezvous with the Fenspace Convention fleet that took Boskone Prime

In the largest fleet action in the war, the gathered Boskonian fleet was destroyed and Boskone Prime was besieged. The asteroid colony fell to Fennish forces on January 15, 2014, heralding the end to two years of war.

The organization and conduct of reaver raids began much earlier than SOS-Con, and fragments of the 'original' Boskonian organization survived the official end of the war, though their operations were scaled back both due to lost resources and the desire to avoid Great Justice and the Space Patrol.

Boskonian Bases

Known Boskonian bases, in order of discovery:

  • Boskone One (codename "The Farm"): The staging post of the Serenity Valley attack, Boskone Alliance primary transportation hub and major slaver base.
  • Boskone Two (codename "Shipwreck Island"): Boskonian Alliance chief shipyards.
  • Boskone Three (codename "Greenland"): Chief Thionite production facility.
  • Boskone Four (codename "Jusenkyou"): Boskonian Alliance chief R&D base.
  • Boskone Five (a.k.a. The Hell-Hole in Space): Original Boskonain Alliance base, now a training base.
  • Boskone Prime (codename "The Black Tower"): Boskonian Alliance C&C/Meeting Place/Bolt-Hole/Neutral Ground.

2462 Nehalennia is one possible "Boskone Six," but as of 2015 no-one knew this.


This is by no means complete.


The Boskone War is the backdrop to the following stories:


  1. This covers Season 1 of Fenspace.

Boskone War
Date 2012 - 2014
Location Main asteroid belt, Jupiter & Saturn subsystems
Result Decisive Fen victory
Fenspace Convention
Senshi Sailor Armed Militia
Boskone Alliance
Haruhi Suzumiya
Noah Scott
Katz Schroedinger
Malaclypse Fnord
Benjamin Rhodes
Dr. Asmodeus Grey
Gervasio Faustino de Leon
La Mariposa
~2,500 ~900
Casualties and losses
Crystal Osaka

Yoriko Nikaido
Marcel LeChevalier
Karen Sorrel