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Places in Fenspace
Planetary characteristics
Orbit1,429,400,000 km from primary (mean)
Diameter120,536 km (equatorial)
Surface Gravity1.2 G
Year29.45 years
Day10.23 hours
Mean Temperature148°K (-125°C)
Atmosphere1.4 atm (H 97%, He 3%)
Water/Ice Indexn/a
Population (2013)n/a
Political Affiliationn/a
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Artist's impression of Saturn as seen from Titan (courtesy NASA)

While not as heavily populated or trafficed as the Jovian sub-system, Saturn receives a fair share of the tourist trade. The famous rings draw a number of the longer ranged Gondolier tours, as do some of the moons. Titan and Mimas are the largest draws after the rings, both for their unique features and because they sport the largest settlements.

The Fenspace Convention has declared Saturn's rings a System Heritage Site, making them off-limits for ice mining. This protects them from being depleted for volatiles for the two terraforming projects currently underway elsewhere in the Solar System.

Since the end of the Boskone War the Warsies have shifted their cheif settlement from New Yavin to Coruscant City in Hershel Crater on Mimas, and a number of smaller settlements have sprung up.

Titan's population is split between mostly transient Gondoliers and support staff at Aria Field, occasional scientific expeditions and several projects attempting to harvest and refine hydrocarbons. The CHON trade ships don't even need to land, though their crews (often Morians) may do some local trading.


Saturn's history in Fenspace is relatively empty thus far[1]. The sub-system was mostly evacuated to the Galactic Republic base on Mimas during the Boskone War, as it was too far from major bases and too under-populated to defend itself against Boskonian raids while spread throughout the sub-system.

One of the things which went on working through the war was the CHON trade, as that is so important to the functioning of Fenspace. This depended on ships from Venus going to Titan, processing atmosphere, then going on to Luna.

Places of Interest

  • The Rings: Saturn's multiple rings are one of the most famous natural features in the Solar system, as well known as Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Made up of dirty water ice, the rings were declared off-limits for mining and harvesting in September 2010, by both the Mars and Venus Terraforming Projects. This was expanded to a general prohibition as part of the Terraforming panel debate at Crystal-con in 2011
  • Floating Cities: hang in the atmosphere of Saturn, in theory for sound industrial purposes and tourism, but arguably 'because we can'. Some rival the Crystal Cities of Venus for their beauty.

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"Fenspace Infinities" Places of Interest

"Fenspace Infinities" locations have not been established by the time of the Great Age of Exploration, and thus may or may not come into existence later in Fenspace's timeline. But they have been mentioned in future-history Fenspace stories or discussion, so they should be taken into account.

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  1. That is, no one has yet written much of it.