74 Galatea

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Places in Fenspace
74 Galatea
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.776 AU, eccentricity .241
Diameter118.71 km
Surface Gravity0.003G outside handwaved chambers
Year1689.69 days
Day17.268 hours
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
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74 Galatea is a large Main Belt asteroid. Its surface is very dark in color. Galatea was observed first by the prolific comet discoverer Ernst Tempel on August 29, 1862 in Marseilles, France; this was his third asteroid discovery.

It is named after one of the two Galateas in Greek mythology. Galatea shares its name with a moon of Neptune.

The Metropolis Project

It's an open secret that the Metropolis Project is headquarted on Galatea.

The Metropolis Project is a long-term plan to create an essentially AI homeland. Built around the large industrial complex on 74 Galatea, currently named Alphaville, which is being used as home base of a waved car-factory, communications satellite, and oil tanker, and the home of the only satellite campus of the Vesta Institute of Robotics which is staffed entirely by AIs. Funded by and the brainchild of three Fen industrial concerns, it is hoped that with the building of Metropolis, the AIs of Fenspace will be integrated into a greater fendom and walk hand in hand with humans to a finer future.

It is unknown whether these industrial concerns asked the AIs whether they wanted a homeland before beginning work.

This homeland for AIs is protected by the Space Patrol.