991 McDonalda

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Places in Fenspace
991 McDonalda
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 3.154 AU, eccentricity 0.152
Diameter31.41 km
Year2045.62 days
Political AffiliationVillage Hidden in Asteroids, Fenspace Convention
GovernmentCorporate State (Ninjaburger)
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991 McDonalda is an asteroid in the Main Belt.

When a 'Daneside entertainment company claimed and relocated 4017 Disneya, Fenspace's preeminent fast-food chain decided to prevent what they thought was an obvious threat. The Ninjaburger Drive-In was established as "a preemptive strike against dishonorable gaijin competition" on 991 McDonalda, and has grown to become the largest single fast-food outlet in the Solar System.

Rumors that there are vast soy plantations (or beef cattle ranches) hidden within the asteroid's interior, or that most of the traffic to and from the asteroid is made up of delivery-genin instead of paying customers, are neither confirmed nor denied by Ninjaburger.