10 Hygiea

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10 Hygiea
10 Hygeia.jpg
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 3.138 AU, eccentricity .116
Diameter407.12 km
Surface Gravity0.091 m/s²
Year2030.45 days
Day27.623 hours
Mean Temperaturemean ~164 K
maximum 247 K (-26° C)
Political AffiliationThe Wizarding World, Fenspace Convention
GovernmentParliamentary Democracy
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10 Hygiea is a Main Belt asteroid discovered by Annibale de Gasparis on April 12, 1849. It is the fourth-largest object in the region by volume and mass, and the largest of the class of dark C-type asteroids with a carbonaceous surface.

This is the busiest asteroid in the Main Belt, thanks to the Wizards choosing it as the home for their main facility, Hogsmeade, and their main school, Hogwarts.