1625 The NORC

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1625 The NORC
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 3.206 AU, eccentricity 0.225
Year2097.09 days
Day13.959 hours
Political AffiliationUnited States of America
GovernmentMilitary Reservation (United States Navy)
CapitalAdministered from Washington, DC, USA, Earth
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1625 The NORC is an asteroid in the outer Main Belt, discovered on 1 September 1953 and named after the IBM Naval Ordnance Research Calculator.

This asteroid is home to the 'Danelaw base furthest Out. The Stingray and any sister ships she may have have a resupply and logistics base here, which includes a computer complex informally called "New NORC".

Civilian traffic is occasionally allowed to land at The NORC's Hopper Field at the discretion of base Commander McHale, but usually traffic is restricted to USN vessels.