The Stark Fist of Removal

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Places in Fenspace
The Stark Fist of Removal (69230 Hermes)
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 1.655 AU, eccentricity .624
Surface Gravitynegligible
Year777.88 days
Day13.894 hours
Mean Temperature-216K
Population (2013)Unknown, believed under 100
Political AffiliationSubgenii
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The Stark Fist of Removal is the name given to 69230 Hermes, a siliceous Apollo-class asteroid, by the Subgenii colonizers/sculptors who settled on it in 2010. This small asteroid (it is less than a quarter the size of the Grover's Corners) has been radically re-engineered in the short time it has been occupied; its tumbling revolution has been halted and the beginnings of a ship conversion have been noted, with engines visible on its "stern". Most noteworthy though is the physical change it has undergone -- like some outer space Mount Rushmore, it has been blasted and carved into a recognizable shape -- that of a clenched fist on a short length of arm. As time has passed the sculpture has grown more refined -- by the beginning of Operation Great Justice the surface had been smoothed to a skin-like texture, and the beginnings of wrinkles and fingernails had been noted.

Naturally, with a name like "The Stark Fist of Removal" and its design (especially the huge cluster of engines protruding from its "wrist"), many feel that the craft/sculpture is little more than an exceedingly fancy "dinosaur killer"-class weapon. Leaders of the Subgenii merely smile around their pipes when pressed on the question.