253 Mathilde

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253 Mathilde
253 Mathilde.jpg
Asteroid 253 Mathilde, taken by the space probe NEAR on 27 June 1997 from 2400 km
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.646 AU, eccentricity .267
Diameter52.8 km
Surface Gravitynegligible
Year1571.74 days
Day417.7 hours
Mean Temperature~174 K
Population (2013)0
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253 Mathilde is a C-class Main Belt asteroid, discovered by Johann Palisa in 1885.

Other than being the third asteroid to be visited by a 'dane space probe and being host to an unexplained phenomenon in 2013, 253 Mathilde is unremarkable. As of 2014, it had not yet been settled.

The Battle of 253 Mathilde

There are many Myths of Fenspace. At least one report about the alleged ghost ship USS Eldridge is so well-documented that it threatens to push the Eldridge out of "myth" status and into "unexplained phenomena" territory: the Battle of 253 Mathilde.

During the Battle of 253 Mathilde in March 2013, the Eldridge appeared unexpectedly and according to witnesses rammed the Boskonian warship Dr. Crippen, effectively slicing it in half, Curacoa-style, without even slowing down. Blurry video and inconclusive sensor traces of the Eldridge were captured by several of the beleaguered OGJ ships involved in the battle before they took advantage of the Crippen's damage. Naturally, by the time the battle was over, the Eldridge had vanished.