2309 Mr. Spock

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Places in Fenspace
2309 Mr. Spock
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 3.014 AU, eccentricity 0.088
Diameter21.29 km
Year1911.54 days
Day6.722 hours
Political AffiliationUnited Federation of Planets, Fenspace Convention
CapitalP'Jem Monastery
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2309 Mr. Spock is an asteroid in the Main Belt, discovered on 16 August 1971.

The Trekkies know that this asteroid wasn't directly named after one of their source fiction's characters. They don't care; it's too good a name to pass up.

The largest (and so far only) settlement on 2309 Mr. Spock is the P'Jem Monastery, which is home to the Vulcan Memorial Spaceport and the Starfleet Academy Main Belt Campus (the FedFen's advanced-piloting-techniques school).