3 Juno

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Places in Fenspace
3 Juno
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.671 AU, eccentricity .255
Diameter233.92 km
Surface Gravity0.012g
Year1594.67 days
Day7.21 hours
Mean Temperatureaverage ~163°K
maximum 301°K (28°C)
Population (2013)no census available
Political AffiliationBelters, Fenspace Convention
GovernmentDirect Democracy
CapitalJuno City
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3 Juno, the third asteroid to be discovered, is one of the two largest stony asteroids in the Main Belt.

Like 1 Ceres, Juno is home to a well-known "truck stop and diner" facility. Unlike Ceres, Juno City and the other Junonian settlements are inhabited primarily by Belters; not the ones who mine asteroids, but those who provide services to the miners. The government in Juno City also administers the colonies on 2090 Mizuho and 46610 Bésixdouze so that the locals in both settlements can concentrate on teaching.