36 Atalante

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Places in Fenspace
36 Atalante
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.748 AU, eccentricity .303
Diameter105.61 km
Surface Gravitynegligible
Year1664.06 days
Day9.93 hours
Mean Temperature~170 K
Political AffiliationThe Roughriders, Fenspace Convention
GovernmentMilitary Reservation (The Roughriders)
CapitalRoughriders Base
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36 Atalante is a large, dark Main Belt asteroid. It was discovered by H. Goldschmidt on October 5, 1855 and named after the Greek mythological heroine Atalanta (of which "Atalante" is the German form).

Great Justice funded the construction of a base here early in the Boskone War, originally to support the activities of the Magnificent Midnight and The Roughriders. After the war, the base was awarded to the Roughriders (who already owned the asteroid), and still supports their fleet.

Known Important Residents of 36 Atalante

Known Ships Based Out Of 36 Atalante