Bullet Boy Express

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Spacecraft Registry
Bullet Boy Express
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull1986 Volkswagen Jetta
Drive Type4x ion thrusters, 2x Turbonique Micro Turbo Thrusters
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerBenjamin Rhodes
Flag of RecordRepublic of Texas
Factionthe Roughriders
Registry NumberC-Y4-14T3RZ
LaunchedFall 2007
Primary CrewBenjamin Rhodes
Regina 'Gina' Langley
Operational StatusActive
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Created By Benjamin "BlackAeronaut" Rhodes


Created in the Autumn of 2008, this is the first vehicle of Benjamin Rhodes. Before handwaviumization, the vehicle had a somewhat sordid history, and at some point was somebody's project car, however that was cut short for whatever reason.

Once the vehicle came into possesion of Benjamin's family, it was subjected to all manner of mishaps that eventually led to its dilapidated state that we see in Gina and The Bullet Boy Express.

Afterwards, Benjamin went on to make a name for himself, first as a reliable courier, then later during the Asteroid Racing boom as an expert racer. With its compact size, highly capable navigation and avionics systems, and the multi-directional wheel and fixed aft thrusters, The Bullet Boy Express is still the quintessential example of a Sedan-class Asteroid Racer.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • I AM THIS PLACE: Gina started out as a home-built computer that, in a fit of dissatisfaction with its performance, had liberal amounts of gray handwavium applied to strategic locations. However, Gina did not manifest until Ben hooked the computer into the Bullet Boy Express. Ben figures that Gina is a combination of the insipient AI in the computer and the spirit of the Car.
  • Homicidal: Most guys take it very seriously when someone does something to their car. Gina takes it more than just seriously when someone does something to her 'body' - she wants blood.
  • Hands Off: Gina will only let Ben, and no one else, pilot her. Conversly, she gets jealous when Ben pilots anything but her.
  • The more you scream... If there is a passenger aboard who is adverse to "hard manuevering", Gina will make the ride more and more intense, especially if they scream.


The Bullet Boy Express is armed with two collapsable coilguns hidden behind headlights. Coilgun ammunition is Hi-Ex rounds with ceramic AP tips and ferric alloy discarding sabbots.


  • Gina has a very competitive spirit and enjoys races of all sorts.
  • Aside from not being an actual Delorean, the only other thing that's missing from this picture is a flux capacitor. Ben and Gina have no plans to make one, so quit asking, dammit.
  • Before they even lifted off for the first time, Benjamin installed a pair of handwaviumized Turbonique Micro Turbo Thrust Engines for Acceleration Drive boosts on race course straightaways.
  • Ammunition for the coilguns are in very limited supply (only three rounds per gun) so Ben and Gina rely on sniper-shots to put down opponents.


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