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Wing 3 is an "outrider" unit under the command of The Roughriders, created during the Boskone War to patrol parts of the Main Belt that are far removed from 36 Atalante. When not at their base, they operate out of the Hidden Talon, a Peacemaker partially converted for long-term habitation. Other than their command ship, Wing 3 flies the Blackbird Silent Arrow and four F-EZigs.

Notable Pilots

Cmdr. Travis Fletcher

One of the older members of the Roughriders, then-RAF Lt. Fletcher first saw combat when he flew a F-4M at the end of the Falklands War. He spent the rest of his 'daneside career as a flight instructor, and moved into space after mustering out. When he realized he missed the military camaraderie of flight school, he joined up with the Roughriders. When he expressed a desire to fly one more time, he was given command of Wing 3.

Cmdr. Fletcher pilots the Silent Arrow.

Lt. Shizuka Yukimura

"Shizuka Yukimura" can be translated as "quiet scent of a snowy village," which is ironic considering she's an outspoken Japanese-American born and raised in San Francisco. (However, if asked after a few beers, her boyfriend does say she smells good.) She was given a medical discharge from the USAF in 2011 after an accidental biomod, and was quickly hired by the Roughriders (who recognized the value of her new low-light color vision and didn't care that she now had green hair).

On-duty, Lt. Yukimura is the member of Wing 3 most likely to try for - and make - the reckless shots that her CinC is known for. Off-duty, Shizuka enjoys taking part in various "extreme sports."

Lt. Yukimura is Wing 3's chief F-EZig pilot.

Lt. Noel Paschal

Noel Paschal (who freely admits he changed his name when he "went Up") is a man who buried his pre-Convention past so deeply that even Benjamin Rhodes had trouble running a background check on him, but the Roughriders' leader hired him anyway after a short personal interview.[1] He was offered command of Wing 3, but turned it down because he didn't want to be in the spotlight.

Lt. Paschal pilots the Hidden Talon.


Wing 3 will appear in chapter 4 of Legend of Galactic Girls


  1. Some people think Ben knew Noel pre-Wave; others think Ben is giving an ex-Boskonian a second chance. Neither man ever comments on the matter.