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The A-Team are the Senshi permanently assigned to 36 Atalante, under the command of Sailor Atalante.

The name "A-Team" was a joke somebody cracked when they were first putting the team together because it was well established at the time that the leader of this team would be the newly established Sailor Atalante (A-Team = Team Atalante). Of course, things being the way they are in Fenspace, the name stuck. They prefer "A-Team" to their other highly-unofficial nickname, the "Disney Senshi".

A-Team is comprised of some of the best skilled or gifted of the Senshi. Those that have biomods are classified as Aces, the others could have easily been OF-6 field operatives.

The Team

Anika Springfield

Main article: Serenity II

Anika Springfield was orphaned at the age of seventeen along with her twelve-year-old sister Mary. Rather than be seperated by the State, they ran. After a chance run-in with some fen, Anika procured some wave for herself and handwaved the car her parents left behind. Of course, she wasn't fully up to speed about the needed safety requirements, but she got off lucky. Her little sister, being very fond of the Disney animation The Little Mermaid, had been watching the film while helping her sister wave the car.

After a heroic incident[1], Anika was granted the title Sailor Atalante and assigned as the first leader of the Senshi permanently assigned to the Roughriders.

Anika and Mary's biomod has given them mermaid-like traits. They are both fully amphibious and possess very fine scales in their skin - they're so fine that you think they're wearing glitter until you look at them very closely[2]. They can also withstand extreme cold and have retractable webbing on their hands and feet. They can spend as much time on dry land as they like, but they'll start to miss being out of the water after a week or so.

Mary Springfield

In 2019, Mary took over Anika's role in the A-Team when Sailor Atalante was elected to lead the Senshi as Serenity II.

Yamada Sumiko

Sumiko was a girl born with a horible disfiguration, but she was intelligent and sweet-natured. Astonishingly, despite her physical state, she was also absurdly strong - Hunchback of Notre Dame sort of disfigurement-and-strength. Her parents, hoping for a miracle, hopped a flight out and arranged for a medical biomod to correct her disfigurement. Astoundingly, it was a success for the books as she took on the likeness of her favorite Disney character, Bell from The Beauty and the Beast. Of course, there is a quirk... and it's a Joker-Ace: the scent of a rose causes her to transform into The Beast. Looking into a mirror, oddly enough, causes her to revert.

In Beast mode, Sumiko possesses an even greater measure of the strength she had before, as well as enhanced senses of scent, taste, touch ('feels' walls through minute air currents, also feels sound through foot-pads) sight, and sound. Her claws are noteworthy as well, as they can carve through nickle-iron like it was butter, and her pelt can stop most rounds fired from conventional small arms. Coil-gun rounds can prove to be a problem, though.

It doesn't bother her the least, though - even as a beast she feels she is more attractive than she used to be. ("Well, Mom, at least I'm symetrical this way. You couldn't say that about me before.") For this, she sees her biomod as a whole as a gift from the Fen and has sworn to repay it as a debt of honor. Thus she joined the Senshi and the rest is history. It is rumored that she is in line to become a Named Senshi herself, but she has asked to be allowed to gain more experience before she accepts such a position, hence her assignment as Second-in-Command of the A-Team.

Tai Angmeng

Tai Angmeng came up with her family on the infamous escape of the Galaxy Express from China. Her family had a school that taught kung-fu. However, a few words whispered in a few ears brought the family under suspicion of making treasonous remarks against the government. The school has been reestablished[3]; however, the family longs to return to their homeland.

Angmeng, however, has decided to soldier on and fight for love and justice. In addition to the family's kung-fu style, she also possesses some very nice sword skills and is not to be taken lightly for her gentle looks.

She became the team's second leader in 2019, when Sailor Atlantae became Serenity II.

Angmeng is not biomodded; she has always looked somewhat like Disney's take on Fu Mulan.


  1. Which is yet to be determined
  2. They hate the Twilight Fen
  3. At a location to be decided on later