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Spacecraft Registry
B-36 render.png
Test flight of the first Peacemaker, before repainting in Roughriders livery
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullOriginal – Based on Convair B-36 Peacemaker
Drive Typex6 Reactionless thrusters, x4 Fusion torches
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.065c
  • 6 Retractable 20mm Vulcan Turrets
  • 2 Fixed 20mm Vulcan Turrets (nose and tail)
  • 4 Modular Bays rated at 21,500 lbs. of capacity
Primary ManufacturerInitially, Hephaestus and Gnarlycurl, then the Roughriders themselves.
OwnerThe Roughriders and others (if they'd hurry up and buy some, that is!)
Registry NumberCV/B-##
PurposeHeavy Bomber and Carrier
Primary Crew1 CO (Pilot), 1 XO (Co-Pilot), 2 Relief Pilots, 2 Navigators, 2 Coms Operators/Airbosses, 1 Bombardier, 8 Gunners, 2 Flight Engineers
Other Crew8 Fighter Pilots
Operational StatusActive
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This wasn't part of the original mission outlook of the Roughriders, but it became a neccesarry one once Benjamin and Gina saw how badly the Belters were suffering. Sitting down with Chris Marsden, they began to hammer out the plans for a ship that could patrol the Asteroid Belt while carrying heavy weapons and a sufficient force of fighters to go with it.

Benjamin already knew what he wanted: The Convair B-36 Bomber. The originals were clunky things, prone to breakdowns and difficult to maintain, but he knew that the Wave would make up for it. Chris was only too happy to help out in materials since a lot of his interests were in the Asteroid Belt. Gnarlycurl and Hephaestus were quick to jump on the bandwagon as well since it was good business and they also had interests in the Belt.

The only real problem Benjamin had was in getting crews for the beastly things - they would have a crew of nineteen, not counting the pilots for the fighters they'd carry. This, of course, led to the second big recruiting drive of the Roughriders.

Class Quirks

  • I'm Not a Lemon: Like the aircraft they are derived from, these beasts find some pretty interesting ways to break. Fortunately, they'll faithfully hold together until they get back home.
  • Penzoil, the Thirst Quencher: They go through lubricant so quickly for some reason that they never need an oil change.
  • Keeps On Truckin': They may be slow and unwieldy, but God help you if you get in their way.


Early Peacemaker

Peacemakers are available for public purchase by reputable factions. There are different reasons for this move on Benjamin's part. Initially, as part of the deal struck between the other commercial/industrial that manufactured the first Peacemakers, this class is not exclusive to the Roughriders for purchase. Later, though, the Roughriders came into their own as a manufacturer of space planes and began to manufacture and sell Peacemakers to any reputable faction that wanted them.