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Spacecraft Registry
SSX Masaka
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullSS Palo Alto, WW1-era concrete-hulled oil tanker
Drive Typeinternal mount ’Wavium Motion Engine
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.03c
OwnerCrossbones Interplanetary Freight
Flag of RecordPirate Island
FactionPirate hardliners
Registry NumberCB-13013-SC2
Launched14 December 2007
PurposeBulk cargo freighter (essential supplies)
Primary CrewWilliam Henry "Danger Will" Robinson (Captain, chief engineer, quartermaster)
Eurydice Suzdal (Helm, medic, morale)
Felice Suzdal (Gunner, navigator, science officer)
Solstice Suzdal (Chief of security, communications, cook)
Glory S. (ship’s cat)
Auxillary VehiclesROFLcopter (handwaved Bell 206 JetRanger)
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by Sam “Evil Midnight Lurker” Ashley)

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Matsumoto Meters: Much of the Masaka’s interior bulkheads are dotted with inset, illuminated gauges of all description, most of them unlabeled. Those whose functions are known measure, detect, or locate anything from the ship’s mass to the value of pi. Only the crew quarters seem immune to the spreading readouts. The Meters are all connected to the ship’s computer system – in fact, the system itself has spread through most of the hull.
  • Tochiro’s Ghost: The crew remain unsure whether or not the Masaka’s onboard computers have Quickened, and if so, to what level. If they have, they’re not communicating with anyone, but the ship has been known to take minor actions on its own. So far, those actions have only been to the crew’s benefit.
  • Tagged: Where a seagoing ship might attract barnacles, the Masaka’s lower hull spontaneously manifests abstract graffiti. This may be a manifestation of the hypothetical AI’s artistic talents, or it may just be One Of Those Things.

Known Crew Quirks

  • The Crime and the Glory: The Suzdal Sisters aren’t biomodded humans – they’re cats, accidentally Uplifted in utero by a fan of Alan Burt Akers’ planetary romance novels, mostly humanoid with the addition of two extra arms and a prehensile pseudohanded tail. Glory S., the ship’s cat, is their unmodded mother.
  • Banned in Boston: No ’danelaw exists in which the crew’s relationship is completely legal; in order to minimize the possibility of harassment, the Masaka only touches down in international waters.
  • Not Welcome Here: Despite three-quarters of the crew being genuine furries, Furry fen are greeted with a great deal of suspicion and mistrust due to certain unpleasant past events.
  • A Pirate’s Life: While they delve into other forms of cosplay, none of the crew are ever seen without some Pirate identifier. All of them take their affiliation and the Pirates’ Code very seriously.
  • The Search: Captain Robinson is known to track down successfully biomodded fen of various stripes, and to barter for any remaining samples of the ’wavium strains used in the mod. He is not believed to be modded, and in fact goes to great lengths to avoid anything that even looks like guacamole. (Most observers suspect that he has a very complex biomod in mind for himself and wants to be certain he gets it right. Most observers would be correct.)


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