Tupolev Tu-95X

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Spacecraft Registry
Tu-95X "Cosmo Bear"
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullTupolev Tu-95
Drive Typex4 Gravity propeller
Drive Ratingpeak velocity 0.025c
  • 6x 23mm railcannon (turrets)
  • 23,000kg internal/external payload
Primary ManufacturerGagarin Crater Weapons Works
OwnerSoviet Air Force, LLC
Flag of RecordPeople's Republic of Freedonia
FactionSoviet Air Force
Registry NumberAZ00####
Launched7 August 2013
PurposeFighter carrier/tender
Strategic bomber
Primary Crew1 AI pilot standard
Other Crewup to 7 others depending on mission
Operational StatusActive
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The Tu-95X (NATO reporting name "Cosmo Bear") is a handwaved variant of the venerable Russian Tu-95 bomber.

The aircraft in service with the Soviet Air Force were purchased from the Ukranian government during the development of the Ga-15 fighter. Simulations suggested that the Fearless' fuel consumption profile would make the fighter a poor patrol aircraft. Using another vehicle as a patrol base made enough sense that the Central Committee spent some time researching options. A few dozen calls later, the VVS acquired four decommissioned Tu-95 bombers and had them shipped to Gagarin Crater AFB for refitting.

The Cosmo Bear's primary mission is to act as a mothership for Ga-15 or F-EZig fighter craft. Each Tu-95 can carry four Fearless fighters in underwing configuration or seven E-Zigs (four underwing, three in belly compartments). Internal configuration is usually oriented towards refueling and light maintenance duties. Inboard volume is very restricted, more so than the size of the bomber might indicate, so crew accomodations are spartan at best.

Command and control of the Cosmo Bear is done by a single AI pilot, though in a pinch the craft can be controlled by humans or even piloted remotely via interwave link. The habitable volume is left open for fighter pilots and/or service crews if necessary.

The Tu-95 earned the nickname "Bear" by being slow, lumbering and not something crossed lightly. The Cosmo Bear maintains that reputation with a native armament of six 23mm linear cannon (nose, amidships & tail turrets). When not performing tender patrols, it can also carry up to 20,000 kg of miscellaneous missiles, bombs and other instruments of destruction.

The Cosmo Bears flew a test program simultaneously with the Ga-15 fighters, and entered serviced at the same time. Two Tu-95s were assigned to Squadron A, a third was assigned to Squadron B (The Rocketeers, a F-EZig squadron) and the fourth was held back as an upgrade testbed.

Class Quirks

  • Good Solid Russian Engineering - The Cosmo Bear is a damage sponge. It can take more hits than most vehicles in its mass range and still be operable.
  • FEW PRECISION ADJUSTMENTS! - The ship will repair itself if necessary, but the autorepair system has to be booted by banging on the hull with a crescent wrench.


  • According to X-COM legend, the VVS outfitted a Tu-95X as a reconnaissance and/or special operations platform. As the story goes, the bomber (callsign "KIMURA") refused to leave Venus orbit during shakedown, and the project was declared a failure. However, an unmarked Cosmo Bear has been sighted in and around MARS counterterrorism activity. The Central Committee denies all knowledge, of course.