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Spacecraft Registry
NASA Pegasus
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullSpace Shuttle Orbiter mockup
Drive Typeimpulse engine x3
OwnerOklahoma Aerospace Academy
Flag of RecordUnited States of America
FactionThe Roughriders
Registry NumberOV-106
Launched17 July 2012
PurposeEducational experience gone horribly right
Primary Crew7 fenkinder: Emily "Emmy" Harjo, John Cavett, Erica Heath, Jerome Tischman, Aulani Kalakaua, Lilo Kalakaua, Stitch
Other CrewPegasus (SYSOP)
Synergy (AI)
Operational StatusActive
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Pegasus is a full size plywood Space Shuttle mockup built to NASA specs for one of the Space Camp locations. After the particular camp folded from a lack of proximity to NASA's facilities in either Florida or Texas, the mockup was moved to the University of Oklahoma's Aerospace Engineering Department and used for the Oklahoma City area's school systems' summer science camps. As the 'Wave hit and folks were less and less enamored of hardtech space exploration, the mockup was mothballed in a warehouse in Norman, Oklahoma, while the space it had taken up was used for a paleontology exhibit.

Remembering Ptichka, a group of NASA Fen had a blue hair day and decided to get the shuttles in the public eye again. An attempt to handwash Pathfinder at the still-active Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama was thwarted, but a simultaneous, more thorough, run on Pegasus was successful. However, the "adult" in charge (who was sixteen) was not aboard as the nascent AI on board woke up and lifted with a whinny.

After a few hair-raising moments in space and a distress call to Stellvia Aerospace Traffic Control, the Pegasus was given a tow to the station, where they met Noah Scott and Benjamin Rhodes (causing a few more hair-raising moments). The youngsters aboard the Shuttle quickly discovered that they would be in very big trouble if they went back home right away, so (after Noah paid for their parents to visit Stellvia to see the children were alive, well, safe, and not being coerced) Ben offered to take them in until it was safe for them to return to their old lives. They've since become Roughriders auxiliaries, very carefully not being sent into the line of fire... and not showing any sign of wanting to return home.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • A Horse is a Horse, of Course of Course: True to her name, Pegasus has the rough intelligence and communication ability you'd expect from a winged horse. Sometimes this means she's calm, sometimes it means she's... not so calm.


Emily "Emmy" Harjo

Age 12 at Pegasus launch. She has Cheyenne ancestry.

Emmy is an athletic tomboy, seriously crushing on Ben.

John Cavett

Age 13 at Pegasus launch.

John is fascinated by the catgirling victims' biology in an intellectual sense.

Erica Heath

Born 18 July 1996 - age 15 years, 364 days at Pegasus launch.

Erica is the ex-Girlfriend of the "nominal adult" who was left behind, and is something of a social maven.

Jerome Tischman

Age 13 at Pegasus launch.

Jerome is aggressively obnoxious with just enough Asperger's Syndrome to make people think twice about laying into him for being a jerk. He's convinced he's a teen genius (he's not, but he does have the occasional intuitive flash that sometimes makes it seem that way) and the first representative of a more evolved variety of human (he's not that, either, but the fantasy helps him cope with his socialization problems). Jerome has an incredibly obvious (and somewhat stalkerish) crush on Erica. He owns a palmtop on which he keeps an obsessively detailed journal, which he keeps triple-encrypted; he jealously guards this palmtop, and refuses to have it 'waved for fear it will develop an AI that will blurt out all the secrets he puts in the journal.

He insists on being called "Jerome" and steadfastly ignores any attempt to address him by a nickname or diminutive.

Despite this, he's a loyal friend once he's convinced you're sincere about your friendship with him, and has gone to heroically self-sacrificing extremes to help and protect his "boon companions" (as he calls them). He's got a deft hand at machinery (actual physical gear-and-piping machines, not computers), and is more than a little dismissive of anyone who isn't. He's also completely at home in zero-g and microgravity, seemingly needing no adaptation time at all once the Pegasus reached space, able to transition instantly between gravity and no gravity, and completely unaffected by any kind of motion sickness.

Aulani Kalakaua

Aulani Kalakaua

12 years old at Pegasus launch.

Hawaiian. He's an extreme sports fiend (he has a hero-worship thing going for Benjamin and the other Asteroid Racers). His attitude is very laid-back and often accuses the others of harshing his mellow.

Aulani is biomodded. His intelligence biomod leans towards physics; his physical biomod is that of a shark-boy - he is truly amphibious and possesses all the traits of a shark and a human.

Lilo Kalakaua

Female: 8 years old at Pegasus launch.

Hawaiian, younger sister to Aulani. Intelligence biomod give her an uncanny ability to create animated physical constructs, usually with an AI of some kind. The girl is absolutely frightening in this respect as she mixes raw handwvium into her clay with no side-effects. During the wave-washing of the Pegasus she created her first bioroid, Stitch, in this manner.


Born 16 July 2012 - 1 Day old at Pegasus launch.

Stitch looks and acts just like the character from the Walt Disney animated motion picture Lilo and Stitch. When Lilo saw the movie, it resonated with her and she strongly desired a companion like Stitch. She got her wish when she made him with her handwaviumized clay.

Stitch is very intelligent in a broad sense, and virtually indestructible. He also possesses incredible physical strength and even some shape-shifting abilities. While he'd never do anything to really harm anyone, he is an unrepentant practical joker.


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