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R. Regina Langley-Rhodes
BornAsuka Langley-Sohryu
October 29, 2008(2008-10-29)
Emmaus, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Earth
DiedSeptember 30, 2780
36 Atalante, Main Belt
Cause of deathSudden Existence Failure?
Residence36 Atalante, Main Belt
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesGina
EthnicityGerman-Japanese (AI)
CitizenshipHonary Japanese Citizen, Honorary Duestchlander
OccupationFaction Sub-Leader
Service/branchThe Roughriders
Years of service2012-2148
Weight100 lbs.
Known forFiery-Tempered Executive and Benjamin's Tsundere
TitleFirst Executive Officer
SuccessorJessica Ayanami
Religious beliefsPagan (Worships Skuld, Norse Goddess of Technology)
Spouse(s)Benjamin Rhodes
ChildrenMayonaka Langley-Rhodes, Mikhail Langley-Rhodes, Kyoko Langley-Rhodes, Andrew 'Ender' Langley-Rhodes
Call-signRed Rider
MissionsTo make sure that The Idiot doesn't bite off more than he can chew.

Primary Writer: BlackAeronaut

Gina Langley-Rhodes presents a rather conflicted picture, but then so do all tsundere-type personalities. From eight-o'clock-day-one she has been the right-hand woman of Benjamin Rhodes and anyone that besmirches the love that she has for him had better be able to run really, really fast.

Physical Attributes

  • Age: 18 (Apparent)
  • Height: 5'2”
  • Weight: 100lbs.
  • Build: Petite
  • Hair: Auburn, waist length, semi-straight
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Other Notes: Gina is petite and buxom to the point that people who've not had the pleasure of meeting her in person usually do a double-take. Despite her tiny stature, her figure is a perfect hourglass. This is before and after having children. She is fond of the color red, as well as sundresses and just about anything that lets her show off her figure. Her features are mostly European, but her height and the shape of her eyes betrays her Japanese influence.


Gina is a software-based AI. As such, she fully capable of running multiple bodies much in the same manner as Dee. However, unlike Dee, Gina has a much more humanistic psychology (see History) and so does not take things to the extremes that Dee does. She has used used various bodies over the years for combat, deep-space travel, and even child rearing.


  • Hyper-Sensitive: her ever-present A10 Nerve 'Clips' are actually high-density broadband Etherwave transceivers that are hard-mounted into her endoskeletal structure. Due to the immense amount of data they pass through directly to her positronic matrix they are incredibly sensitive to tactile touch – so much that they are an erogenous zone for her. This is a secret kept between herself, Benjamin, and only a few other trusted people.
  • Ghost in the Machine: she is able to telepresence into any system that can support her.
  • Not Quite Top-Of-The-Line: A.C. Peters didn't want to give Gina a hyper-core CPU to work with, but what what A.C. did equip her with is still classified data - not even Benjamin knows for certain.
  • MAXIMUM POWER: Gina's primary body has such physical power that she has safety lockouts to keep from accidentally hurting people. Deactivating those lockouts, though, is easy enough and can be done on the fly.


R. Regina Langley-Rhodes, as most tsundere-type personalities are, is most certainly not without a mean-streak. In fact, she is well known for coming to the defense of her friends and loved ones with all the subtlety of a rampaging bull elephant. Gina is someone who feels her emotions so strongly that she is an incredibly passionate and devoted person. Once Benjamin had fully earned her love and trust she gave herself completely to him. Of course, he still occasionally earns her ire.

In diplomacy, Gina can be subtle, but her threats, however veiled, are very real. If she says that you will die if you cross her, then you had better believe that she will make good on those words. If Benjamin is the one that speaks softly while carrying a big stick, then Gina is the one that whispers sweetly with the voice of a siren while holding a stiletto to your ribs.

In love, Gina gives everything, even blood if it is called for. There have been times when she has placed herself in the line of fire for Benjamin and her children only because she loved them all that deeply. If lost, Gina will search to the ends of the multiverse to find them, and merciful Gods help the poor sap that decides to get in her way.

As a leader Gina is a demanding commander, calling for perfection in everything that she puts out to her subordinates. However, this is not to say that she is a cold leader. If she sees that a subordinate is struggling, she will find out exactly what sort of help that person needs and ensure that they get it.

In person, she is bright and cheerful, and full of needling commentary. She's not afraid to point out somebody's foibles, especially if she feels that a person can benefit from the criticism. At the very least, after having dealt with the imperfect person that was Benjamin, she has learned to be constructive in her criticism.


Gina manifested in Benjamin's first wave-jobbed computer only after he installed the machine into his first wave-jobbed car – a 1986 Volkswagen Jetta that was made in Germany.

The trouble with Gina's manifestation, however, is that she strongly believed that she was the real Asuka Langley-Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Of course, once she saw the anime in full she had the sort of revelation that someone can only have when looking from the outside in. It also helps that it revealed to her many hidden truths, including the real fate of her Mother, and SEELE's plans for Humanity.

She was suddenly very glad to be quit of that world and went through great lengths to avoid association – even to the point of changing her name.

From that point forward, Gina built a friendship with Benjamin and over time grew fond of him. While he did, in some ways, remind her of Shinji, she found his boldness and playful teasing to be refreshingly Kaji-like – almost as if he was the middle child between Shinji and Kaji if they all happened to be brothers.

As the AI for the Bullet Boy Express, Gina helped Benjamin along with his courier service as his ad-hoc secretary and booking agent. She enjoyed a lifestyle of easy business with hours of stimulating conversation with Benjamin while learning about hacking computers. In this, Gina was a careful study as she had read many stories before about AIs being 'broken' or worse if they slipped up and a more malicious hacker got the better of them. Fortunately, only another AI could really do that to an AI in the first place and Meat-Space Hackers that could were extraordinarily rare... and sociopathic personalities were rare in the Fen's cyberspace. Thus Gina was one of the Charter Members of the Hacker Underspace and continues to ply her trade; quietly and secretly as all hackers do.

When Benjamin was recruited for Great Justice he gave her the option of staying out of the line of fire. She called him an idiot for thinking that she was some kind of coward and told him that she wanted to be the AI for the Blackbird the SOS-dan would deliver. Of course, that was never to be, as an AI spontaneously manifested before the computer system could be finished. Embittered over this apparent usurpation, Gina took off in the Bullet Boy Express and did not return for several weeks.

She had a reason for that, of course. She went to A.C. Peters to have a biomimetic android body built for her. When she came back it was to the slack-jawed reaction of Benjamin. That reaction was to be expected, after all, because Gina's stringent requirements demanded that she have a body just like her "original" one from Evangelion.

Gina moved into a position as Benjamin's executive – working out the finer details of his broad visions and making things happen in general. It was also at around this time that she confessed her love to him and, much to her relief, he reciprocated in kind. Ever since then, one is hardly seen without the other nearby, unless business is pulling them in separate directions.

During O:GJ she flew several high-importance missions, in particular the climactic end-run mission on Boskone Prime where she flew the Magnificent Midnight on her own while Benjamin helped out at the mobile command center.

This page contains Fenspace Infinities material. Fenspace Infnities material hasn't "happened" by the current timeline, though it's already been referenced in future-history or alt-history Fenspace stories and discussion. Here there be dragons of questionable canonicity, you have been warned. --The Mgt

After O:GJ, Gina finally relented and made her union with Benjamin an official one. In the events leading up to the ceremony she finally got to meet Katelyn Jones, Benjamin's mother. At first Gina was anxious about the meeting (as most women are about meeting their future mother-in-law), but her fears were unfounded. Katelyn turned out to be the loving mother-figure that Ben had spoke so highly of and Gina found herself with the mother she had longed for. She remains ambivalent about her brothers-in-law, but she does very much enjoy her father-in-law's outrageous sarcastic wit.

It was several months afterwards that Gina was in for another surprise in the form of Mayonaka Langley-Rhodes. When the Blackbird had returned with a humanoid form to house its AI and (arguably) its soul, she proclaimed Gina to be the mother that she wanted. It actually took a few days for the shock to fully wear off and for the idea that she was now a mother to finally sink in.

Once it did, Gina had the one thing she had always wanted. With Mayonaka, she got a taste of the motherhood she had always wanted, but the truth was that she wasn't willing to settle with just one child, and this time she wanted children of her own "flesh" by Benjamin. Working closely with A.C. Peters, Gina and Benjamin (with the notes kept by Mayonaka from her own process of creating a bio-android) produced the first "Third Type" bio-androids – the only android body specifically built to conceive and reproduce as humans do. Although the project, with the birth of their fraternal twin children, Mikhail Langley-Rhodes and Kyoko Langley-Rhodes, was a resounding success, it struck an ominous chord when it was discovered that the offspring of Third Type mothers retain bio-android attributes, ergo making them effectively immortal from birth. What was even worse was that females born from Third Types are, themselves, Third Types as well, leading to the possibility of a population explosion the likes of which could never be quenched.

While it hurt to do so, it was decided in an extremely heated Convention that the production of Third Type bio-androids was to be strictly regulated, as well as the enactment of equally strict birth controls for same Third Types. In protest, Benjamin and Gina conceived one more child before the new laws went into effect. Nine months afterward, their final child, a boy they named Andrew 'Ender' Langley-Rhodes was born. This would prove to have been fortuitous later on as Ender would take command of the Roughriders prior to a critical juncture in the history of Fenspace (The Rise and Fall of the Britannian Empire) and prove to be an incredible tactician, one the likes of which was rarely seen after his retirement.

Gina was forbidden from using her Third Type body to procreate ever again, but she was content with her four children, and the subsequent generations that came after that. It is thanks to R. Regina Langley-Rhodes in no small part that there will always be a Langley-Rhodes to take command of the Roughriders.

All things have an end, however. While the end of the Langley-Rhodes line seems to coincide with the termination of humanity itself, Gina's presence among us would eventually cease. She decided to accompany her husband through The Door and into whatever may lie beyond it.

Wherever she and her husband is now, they are sorely missed by those left behind, and it is without a doubt that their descendants will eventually begin to follow, one by one.