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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRutan Long-EZ with XCOR rocket mods
Drive TypeIon thrusters
Drive Rating0.12c
  • belly mounted 20mm coil gun
  • 2x under-wing missile hard points
Primary ManufacturerHermes Universal & KFD Heavy Industries
OwnerGreat Justice and others
Registry NumberFE-##
Launched18 November 2012
Primary Crew1 pilot
Other Crewnone
Operational StatusActive
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A general class of small, one man ships created during the Boskone War. The F-EZig is a small, highly maneuverable craft intended to act as an interceptor or picket vessel. It lacks the heavy weaponry needed to engage larger handwaved craft, but its speed and maneuverability make it very useful in chasing down and boxing in other ships.

Based off of the joint XCOR / Scaled Composites EZ Rocket prototype the F-EZigs are manufactured from Scaled Composites' Long EZ plans. It is a small, cheap craft with the minimum equipment needed to do its job. Due to this many F-EZigs have been modified by their pilots.

The first F-EZig was delivered for testing in November 2012, with full production starting in early 2013. The exact number of F-EZigs produced during the Boskone War is not known.[1]

The F-EZig served throughout the Boskone war and stayed in service for some time afterward, although reduced need lead to the demilitarization of many of the existing ships.

Class Quirks

  • Go Speedracer, Go!: The EZ-Rocket was a racer, and that's how the builders of the F-EZig thought of her. The F-EZigs like to go fast and they like to fly; one that's been in the hanger too long will give every impression of sulking.


  • For traditional reasons the extreme throttle positions on an F-EZig are labeled Loud and Quiet.
  • A stock F-EZig's life support systems will keep an average adult human alive for about 2 days.


  1. Production records were lost in late 2014 when a Boskonian saboteur gained access to KFD's central database.