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Spacecraft Registry
Roadrunner class transport frigate
Blueprint view of a standard Roadrunner-class transport.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Registry Numbervaries
Launchedvaries, mid-2013 and later
PurposeCargo transport
Primary CrewCaptain, Helmsman/Navigator, Engineer, Cargomaster
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Griever

Designed by the SEBureau, the Roadrunner transport frigate class hull went onto the open market in mid-2013, becoming - due to the modular and standardized design as well as the relatively cheap fabrication costs and high adaptability - one of the most popular class of cargo ships of the period amongst groups that did not design their own freighters.

Roadrunners have four engine nacelles in a "box" pattern at the end of an octagonal spine. The spine, in turn, sports four modular mounts - dorsal, ventral, starboard, and port - which can carry two ISO standard cargo containers each, and a wedge-shaped cockpit/crew section at the bow.

The design is easy to retrofit to a "Q-ship", having originally been intended to clandestinely hunt pirates. These Boskonian-hunters replace the Cargomaster with a Weapons Officer, and carry troops and concealed weaponry instead of cargo. Only two such Q-ships are currently known to exist: the SEBureau's Kobayashi Maru and Great Justice's Polly Oliver.

Class Quirks

  • Canonical convention - More in the form that is sometimes seen with craft of dedicated fanbase members of certain series', the handwaved powerplant and its feeds change modes of operation depending on snippets of old Star Trek TV episodes. They seem to respond best to ones of Jean-Luc Picard, though.

Known Ships of the Class