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Nikaido Foundation
TypeNon-Profit (Charitable)
Founded15 June 2013
Founder(s)Noah Scott
HeadquartersThe Watchtower, Kandor City, Luna
Area servedSolar System
Key peopleOliver Towne (President)
Aoi-chan (office manager)
Owner(s)Stellvia Corporation (25%)
Soviet Air Force (16%)
Great Justice (10%)
Greenwood, Unlimited (8%)
other (41%)
Employees7 full-time

This philanthropic organization was founded on 15 June 2013, after the loss of Stellvia Corporation's vice-president Yoriko Nikaido during the Boskone War.

The motto of the Nikaido Foundation is Augere Fortuna Augenscens.[1] It acts to funnel contributions of all sorts (financial gifts, expertise, and anything else) from factions, businesses, and individuals to where they will do the most good, especially but not exclusively to educational institutes, hospitals, and the Space Patrol.


As mentioned above, the Foundation's primary activity is to funnel contributions to where they will do the most good.

On occasion, the Foundation funds projects that are then given to other organizations to implement. The Disaster Relief Housing Program is an ongoing example: the Foundation purchases used bulk-transport shipping containers, works with the Blue Blazers to outfit most of them as single-family dwellings (with beds, tables, chairs, storage chests, airliner-sized galleys, radios, and solar power arrays), and donates them to the Blue Blazers to deploy to disaster areas. (Considering the quality of the converted-cargo-container housing modules, they often end up becoming permanent housing in areas where shantytowns existed before the disaster... and that's all right with the Nikaido Foundation.)

A few of the cargo containers are outfitted as fully-Danetech field surgeries and donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres so that their doctors can work to their full potential after disasters. These are always "abandoned in place" in an effort to provide at least basic emergency medical facilities all over the Solar System. A few more are outfitted as communal showers, 'waved for efficient water recycling. However, some 'daneside governments outright refuse anything that's been 'waved, so these are not deployed to all disaster areas.

The Foundation owns the Roadrunner class freighter Tsujimoto, which it uses to deliver these converted shipping containers to disaster sites.

Corporate Structure

When it was founded, the Foundation was owned 51% by Stellvia Corporation, 15% by the Soviet Air Force, 10% by Great Justice, and 8% by Greenwood, Unlimited, with the remaining 16% owned by other companies and individuals.[2] The most substantial change to that arrangement came in 2018, when StellviaCorp sold off half of their holding in the Foundation, retaining 25% of the Foundation and giving up their majority shareholder position. These shares were sold to various groups that did not already have a major stake in the Foundation.

Thanks to extensive automation, including AI assistance, the foundation's permanent staff is very small. Day-to-day operations are handled by Aoi-chan, the foundation's AI system, while personal meetings are attended by any of the organization's five field representatives. Oliver Towne manages the foundation on behalf of the shareholders.

The organization's head offices are in the Watchtower, in Kandor City. They have three 'waved 1985 Lincoln Town Cars at their disposal for day-to-day operations. The Foundation also maintains a depot on 4077 Asuka.


  1. in English, "Doing Well By Doing Good"
  2. For many reasons, most of which were political, the Banzai Institute did not have a financial interest in the organization before 2018.