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R. Yomiko Readman
Yomiko Readman.jpg
BornJune 15, 2014(2014-06-15)
Stellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
ResidenceGrover's Corners
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityJapanese/British (AI)
CitizenshipFenspace Convention
EmployerPS 238, Grover's Corners
ParentsNoah Scott (father, sort of)
Call-signThe Paper

Primary Writer: Rob Kelk

Intended to be the last Stellvian AI ever,[1] built to be a live-in teacher but employed by PS 238 once it opened.


The Jason sat back in his seat, and grinned over at Noah. "It was a fun time. I had a blast trying out the ideas I had." He shook his head. "The writers for Star Trek....so bloody LAZY. They absolutely WASTED the potential of holotech and forcefields. You saw the things I was doing. Given a little imagination, I was able to pull off Naruto-style ninjutsu...all sorts of other stuff. And I didn't even pull half the crap I could've."

Noah took a sip from his drink before replying. "Such as?"

The monkey-boy grinned back, and glanced around the room. Spotting a dartboard on the opposite wall, he gestured at it. "Watch." He took his receipt between his thumb and forefinger, and gave a sharp snap with his hand. The paper straightened out and didn't bend back. Making sure no-one was in the way, he then gave it a hard toss at the board, where it sank into the center with a solid-sounding thunk...then curled back up, apparently normal once more. He snickered. "Just call me Jason Readman. For a bibliophile, papermastery is your friend."

—a discussion after the first Port Phobos Invitational

Encase paper between forcefields, and voila. You can do all sorts of things with it. Manipulate the fields, and have a ball. Needless to say, this can also improve accuracy in throwing if you're controlling the forcefields. Yomiko has these paper-manipulation powers (not as good as her inspiration's) integrated into her body.

She's also a good substitute teacher, with at least basic familiarity in every topic at every grade level. This, not her metahuman ability, was what earned Yomiko the position of teacher at PS 238.


Like her inspiration, Yomiko usually drags around a lawyer's briefcase. Unlike her inspiration, this case (a gift from A.C. Peters) holds paper in a compressed format, expanding the sheets on a buckyball principle whenever needed; this gives her a practically-unlimited supply of ammunition... as long as she has her briefcase.

As a parting gift from her father, Yoriko also owns a ebook with a direct link to the Alexandria Archive.[2] She uses it only when she can't find a paper copy of the book she wants to read.


A Library of Readmans
There are other Yomiko Readmans of various origins in Fenspace; she was a popular character in her day. This Yomiko and the holographic Yomiko in The Alexandria Archive are the two best-known, and the only two confirmed to be able to simulate Paper Master abilities.

Like her namesake, Yoriko is a bibliophile and a compulsive reader. This Yomiko also loves children almost as much as she loves books.


Yomiko hasn't had any screen-time yet.


  1. Built after the events of With This Station-Ring, after Kagome Mishima was supposed to be the last Stellvian AI ever, and before Prim Snowlight was supposedly the last Stellvian AI ever, who was followed by Honami Takase Ambler...
  2. In a twist of happenstance, the librarian responsible for delivering content to R. Yomiko Readman's ebook is H. Yomiko Readman. They work well together.