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Leda Swansen-Scott
Leda Swansen.png
BornLeda Sosipatra Swansen
April 4, 1986(1986-04-04)
San Diego, California, USA, Earth
ResidenceStellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipStellvia Corporation
EducationM.S. Biotechnology
Alma materVesta Institute of Biochemistry
Home townSan Diego, California, USA, Earth
Known forBiomodification research
Spouse(s)Noah Scott
ChildrenHelen Scott
RelativesBrigid (sister), Minerva (sister)

Primary Writer: Rob Kelk
Game Statistics

Appearance and Personality

I look like who? During the Interdimensional Incursion Incident, Leda discovered she bears a remarkable resemblance to the adult Makoto Kino, except for her "white" skin colour and a one-cup-size-smaller bustline.

Some people who are aware of the existence of alternate worlds have theorized that notable people have analogues in other worlds, and some of them believe that Leda is Makoto's analogue. Leda and her close associates attempt to discourage this theory whenever they hear it.

But sometimes she lies awake at night and wonders...

Leda doesn't act like Makoto Kino, though. She's level-headed, usually polite but sufficiently ruthless to give Katz "take-no-prisoners" Schrödinger pause, focused on whatever her current project is to the extent that she'll occasionally forget "minor" things such as sleep, and takes risks occasionally.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • We could try mixing these chromosones... Competent genetic engineer, going by modern-day 'dane standards. (She doesn't have any better understanding of biomods than anyone else. However, "understanding of biomods" has come a long way since 2012, thanks to the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry's Biomodification Control and Reversal project which both Leda and A.C. Peters regularly assist.)
  • What does "seven-sector callout" mean? Drop-dead gorgeous (5'9", with chestnut-brunette hair and big...tracts of land), but completely oblivious to the fact - at least, that's how she acts.
  • One-Man Woman: Despite being a Senshi, Leda is straight, and (as of early 2014) happily married to Noah Scott.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Electricity likes me - Leda generates low-level electrical charges in her hands, similar to an electric eel's charge. This can shock a person into unconsciousness if she can touch the person on the back of the neck, or overload insufficiently-grounded electronics. However, she does not generate enough electricity to be able to act as a defibrillator.
  • What shock? Leda's skin insulates her from low-level electrical charges, such as the ones she generates. High-level charges, such as taser shots, affect her normally.


  • Electricity hates me - Leda cannot turn off the low-level electrical charges in her hands, so electronic devices tend to break down quickly around her. (For example, she can't hold a credit card without demagnetizing the stripe and frying the chip, and the needle of a compass in her hand would spin continuously.) She can wear gloves that block the effect, but this causes short- and long-term health problems as the electricity flows into her arms instead of "leaking" into the air. Shielded computer equipment (which includes most 'waved AIs) is immune to this effect. Note: During the Interdimensional Incursion Incident, Leda "buys down" this limitation - while she still cannot shut off the power, she can manipulate it away from her fingers, allowing her to use most consumer electronics.
  • Desk jockey - Not particularly skilled at most manual tasks, including fighting.


Senshi ("Jupiter" subgroup, for obvious reasons; Justice faction), Stellvians

Known Associates

Noah Scott (after the Grover's Corners launch), the Stellvians (after January 2013)

Preferred Transport

When she's on her own, or traveling as a Senshi, Leda prefers to take her own car, Haruka.

When she's traveling as a member of Stellvia Corporation, Leda uses the company owner's yacht, the Epsilon Blade (unless her husband is using it).


  • Leda graduated at the top of the first class at the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry, in 2010. (This wasn't difficult, since there were only five students that year.)
  • Unlike many Fen, Leda did not take a new name when she left Earth. She doesn't know very much Greek mythology, but she does know the "Leda" myth, now... and she doesn't care for it.[1]


Leda has a notable or major role in the following stories:


  1. Although that didn't stop her from echoing the myth when she and Noah chose their daughter's name.