Utena Ten-Joh

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Utena Ten-Joh
ResidenceCrystal Tokyo, Venus
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesYu-Te-Na Ten-Joh ('Real' name, but is hard to pronounce)
Pinky (Used by people who want to annoy her.)
CitizenshipThe Crystal Millennium
OccupationPolice Officer
EmployerCrystal Tokyo Metropolitan Police
RankChief Inspector (OF-7)
Dame Commander, Order of the Rose
Height170 cm / 5'7"
Spouse(s)Anthy Ten-Joh

Open Character, created by Cobalt Greywalker

Formerly a Police officer in an American town who found her promotion prospects stifled by her quietly racist colleagues. After running into a friend from college, she heard about the terraforming projects the Fen were running and thought they might need a police officer or two. Doing some research led her to the Utena fandom, and sealed her determination.

Her application was rapidly checked and accepted, and she moved to the Castle Magellan construction site on Luna to become the ranking Sergeant for the security force.

Being one of the very few officially trained officers meant she was called on a lot, and quickly started making a name for herself across the Moon. As such, she started to dye her hair and wear colour-changing contacts to match the pseudonym she'd chosen. After the third crystal city was launched she was promoted to Detective Sergeant and transferred to Crystal Tokyo. It was here she met Ann Heightmeigher, a botanist working for the Venus Terraforming Project, and shortly after Kandor-Con they married (becoming one of the few official same-sex marriages in Fenspace).

With her promotion to Detective Inspector in early 2011 came a lot more travel, which is how she met A.C. in person (during one of the latter's quick trips, which got interrupted by Boskonians) among others.

After successfully closing down a biomass smuggling ring, she was promoted to Chief Inspector. Then the SOS-Con hit, and she was in the thick of things.

It was June 2013 when she took over the two month secondment to Port Phobos as part of the law enforcement communities' information exchange program. As this was a reasonably long assignment her wife came with her.

During a trip to Serenity Valley (Yu-Te-Na to question a suspect the Browncoat's were holding, Ann to trade for seeds), they were jumped by a Boskonian raiding party. Fortunately as a senior police officer Yu-Te-Na had recently received one of the new Patrol Watches, and she triggered the emergency beacon before hiding it on her person.

The closest facility in range that could detect the beacon was Prometheus Forge, who dispatched the White Stallion on a rescue mission.

En route back to Port Phobos it was discovered she was borderline biomod level contaminated with Handwavium, and it was decided to take care of it there and then. The Biomod left her looking like an 'Adult Entertainment' version of her chosen hero, which makes getting clothes to fit her a pain. As her biomod keeps her in a state of homeostasis, she can't change the length of her hair or nails without them growing back very quickly.

Since then she's gone by the easier to pronounce Utena Ten-Joh, and is part of the Senshi's Anti-Dark Kingdom investigations force. She's started serious sword training for close quarters fighting, given her enhancements from the biomod. She is also part of the group arguing against Haruhi being offered leadership of the Justice sub-faction, and is having some success in increasing the debate as to Haruhi's qualifications.


An 'Adult Entertainment' version of the Utena Tenjou anime character.

Notable Mundane Attributes:

  • "The clues speak for themselves": A Chief Inspector of the Crystal Tokyo Metropolitan Police.
  • "Engarde. HA!": Experienced swordswoman.
  • "Grant me the power...": Extremely well connected.
  • She's my bride: Married to another woman.
  • I'm a BISHOUJOU Senshi, but this is a bit much: 107D-53-97cm/42D-21-38", Inside leg 99cm/39 inches. Height is 170cm/5'7".

'Wavium Abilities:

  • Being a Look-a-like is a pain: Looks like an anime character.
  • Faster than a snake on a hot tin roof: Enhanced reactions and strength.


  • Comes up smelling of Roses: Generates a rose scent.
  • Come up and see me some time: Has the exaggerated figure of an 'Adult Entertainment' professional.
  • Legs go on for miles: Long legs in proportion to body.
  • "...To bring the world Revolution!": Will disrupt/destroy any pre-existing order for one that is better.
  • The Devil's Own Luck: In critical situations, luck favours Utena.