Prometheus Forge

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Places in Fenspace
Prometheus Forge
Prometheus Forge.jpg
Planetary characteristics
Surface GravityNegligible
Water/Ice Index0%
Population (2013)Unknown, at least 10
Political AffiliationCybers and Supers, Fenspace Convention
GovernmentDirect Democracy
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Spacecraft Registry
Prometheus Forge
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullAsteroid (49.266 Cubic km)
Drive TypeNone
ArmamentClassified, but heavy
OwnerA.C. Peters
Flag of RecordCommonwealth of Australia
FactionCybers, Supers
Registry NumberACP-R-001
PurposePrivate residence, Research & Development Lab, Cybernetic Surgery
Primary CrewA.C. Peters (Owner/Commander/Chief Medical Officer/Head of Operations and Development)
Kasumi (Security Officer/Chief Nurse/Chief Cook)
Adonis "Andy" McMurdo (Dockmaster/Head of Chemistry)
Greenpeace Crolis (Life Support Officer/Head of Biology/Chief Gardener)
Lebia Maverick (Operations Manager/Head of Computer Science)
Libbie (Prometheus Forge Major Domo AI)
Leonard da Quirm (Research & Development AI, Lab Majordomo)
Eddie (SS White Stallion AI, Combat and Weapons Officer)
Fawn Iris (Administrative Assistant)
Roberta (Head Maid)
Dr. Julian Bashir (Head Doctor, Medical Majordomo)
Other CrewTachikomas
Various Drones (Including the Clay Pigeons.)
Auxillary VehiclesACP-001 SC Hard Thunder
ACP-002 SS White Stallion
various Tachikomas
various Thunderhawks
1 Squadron F/A-37 Black Talons
3 Squadrons MQ-44 Woodsman U.C.A.V.E.D.I.s
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Cobalt Greywalker

Prometheus Forge is A.C. Peters' personal residence and workshop.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Close the Damn DOORS!: Each and every door automatically closes after 5 seconds with nothing in the way, unless constantly opened or jammed. This includes the recently installed atmospheric bulkheads, the dock doors, the cupboards, the wardrobes, the doors on the toy car someone brought in the other day...
  • "Three up, two across.": Due to a trade with a Wizard who wanted a 'Mad Eye', all the large external doors are waved stone blocks that expand and compress to open and close.
  • What's in the back of the Wardrobe?: All the wardrobes in the base have mysteriously manifested outfits that match the people living in the rooms (however temporarily). A.C.'s has a full Super Sailor Mars fuku (which doesn't match any material made by the Senshi faction), Andy's has a Greek toga, Kasumi has a spectacular silk kimono, etc... It does mean that no spy would go undetected.
  • The Tower of Babel: Due to a weird combination of jokes and misunderstandings, the asteroid is not called "Prometheus Forge" on available charts of the Solar System even though that’s what everybody calls it.

Known Crew Quirks

  • "What'cha doing Mr Batou?": The Tachikomas have childlike inquisitiveness, and frequently ask questions about things going on in the Forge. This is exacerbated by the fact they can take over the drones wondering around, and this has imprinted a similar sort of semi-sentience in them.


When A.C. lifted in mid-2008, he went deep into the Belt looking for a good rock to use as both a base and supply of materials. After finding one that fit his needs, he set up shop. It's expanded in fits and starts since then, gradually becoming more like a major base than a personal residence. As such the early sections don't have much in the way of organization to their layout, making people walk through the various greenhouses, labs, and manufacturing rooms to get to places.

It often surprises people that Prometheus Forge doesn't have a First to its name. It might have, but A.C.'s a private individual by nature and probably didn't broadcast the events.

It also surprises the very few people that learn to know that Prometheus Forge does a fair amount of trade with the rest of Fenspace. It produces a quarter of the Battle Cosmetics used in the system, a tenth of the Quick-Heal bandages as part of the conglomerate controlling them, and 5% of the fruit and vegetables eaten in the Belt. Besides this, the Forge ships out 20 to 30 very high quality Cybernetic replacements and about 3 tonnes in spares, deals with maybe 4 paying customers a year for unique cybernetics and biomods, and recently an erratic but constant supply of drones. Of note is the quiet production of Whiskey. Andy keeps the best of it for himself, but sells any that do not meet his high standards. He also has accidentally produced Fire Whiskey, which gains a lot of trade from the Wizards.

Prometheus Forge can not be found on any charts of the Solar System. Due to the combined effects of jokes and misunderstandings, it is not called "Prometheus Forge" on the charts; it’s named a lot of other things, but not that. This is although everybody knows its name. Added to this is the fact it is well off the beaten track and A.C. doesn’t get any unexpected visitors. People just keep their charts the same. As such, when they want to get away from it all, they head to the Forge.

As Operation Great Justice swings into its second year, A.C. has opened the Forge for secure treatment for most of the BNFs. Thus she's doing a lot more cyber-surgery and custom biomodding as well as looking after the few fen who need a secure area to recuperate. Also, the Forge has started production of various security products (mainly for the Space Patrol). Because of this, Prometheus Forge is now publicly (and heavily) armed.


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