4077 Asuka

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Places in Fenspace
4077 Asuka
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 3.020 AU, eccentricity 0.088
Year1917.07 days
Day7.919 hours
Population (2013)725 (permanent)
23,000 (transient, maximum)
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
GovernmentDirect Democracy, administered by an elected Chief Administrator
CapitalVille de Larrey
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4077 Asuka (also called 1982 XV1) is a Main Belt asteroid. It was discovered on December 13, 1982 by Hiroki Kosai and Kiichiro Hurukawa at Kiso, Japan, Earth. Asuka was named for the Asuka Era, from the fifth and sixth centuries CE when the capital of Japan was in the Asuka area.

During the Boskone War, the Fenspace Convention chose Asuka as the site of a major medical facility because of its Minor Planet Center designation number 4077. A majority of the hospital staff, and all of the original staff, are Blue Blazers. The Trekkies and Roughriders, amongst others, provide ambulance service.

The Nikaido Foundation has a major depot here for its Disaster Relief Housing Program, provides 'danetech medical equipment to the hospital, and supplies the bulk of the funding for the asteroid's permanent medical facilities. ('Wavetech medical equipment mostly comes from A.C. Peters and the Professor.) Many of the pharmaceuticals used at the hospital are sourced from the Jason.

The Roughriders patrol the space around 4077 Asuka to a distance of 50,000 km[1]

The permanent habitation on Asuka is called Ville de Larrey (or, informally, just Larrey) after Dominique Jean Larrey, the first modern military surgeon and the inventor of both the ambulance and the MASH unit. Larrey's current Chief Administrator, Blake Stevenson, is also an emergency medical technician.


  1. Gina just rolls her eyes whenever someone says that the Roughriders are involved because the asteroid is Asuka and she's Asuka... since she isn't, any more.