The Professor

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"The Professor"
ResidenceSol Bianca
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesThe Scourge of Europe
The Enemy of All Who Live
The Bane of Paris
OccupationMan of SCIENCE!
Height191 cm
RelativesChloe (sister)
Ryoko Asakura (daughter)
Miyu (daughter)
Catty Nebulart (daughter)
Indiana (informal adoptive son)

Also known as the Scourge of Europe, the Enemy of All Who Live, the Bane of Paris and a host of other names. His real name lies forgotten by almost everyone, and chances are he wouldn't even respond to it anymore.

The Professor is in many ways the quintessential mad scientist, brilliant, obsessed with his work, misunderstood by his peers and insane. Or at least that is the way that many fen see him, and it is not too far of the mark, the mundanes have a decidedly less complementary view of him, especially those influenced by the French media.

The Professor launched what would later be known as his Reign of Terror on the 25th of July 2007 in Basel, when he and his three assistants raided several pharmaceutical labs in the city by simply driving up to them in a truck and beginning to load a bunch of hazardous chemicals and various devices as if they had every right to be there. It was not until the third lab that they hit that they where even asked what they were doing, which the Professor gleefully explained at great length, and to see their papers authorizing the move. When the Professor admitted to not having them the guard tried to contain them by closing the gate, at which point they drove through the building. The ensuing chase wreaked 57 police cruisers, six Abrams tanks and two Apache helicopters, as well as causing almost two billion Euro of damage (what is often neglected is that the military caused a significant portion of that, and a significant part of the remaining damage is the cost of all those military vehicles.) and caused a significant diplomatic incident between Switzerland and France that could have led to war.

It could have led to war if it wasn't for the fact that 2 days after the incident the Professor send his assistants to raid Versailles. This audacious raid was one of the few raids by the Professor that were he was rebuffed and it sparked an international man hunt of epic proportions. Soon America joined in because of the whole war on terror and because the Professor managed to steal a pair of A-10s from an American military base in Germany.

Among other things, the Professor's exploits perfectly fed into the media frenzy who neglected to mention the astounding lack of fatalities and soon it was assumed that whenever there where no fatalities it was just luck on the defenders' part. Soon he was seen as a madman more dangerous than any in recorded history.

In early October the Professor put a 'death ray' on top of the Eiffel tower and for the next twelve hour held off attack by everyone from the Paris police department, the mafia, and an attack by angry neo-nazis. The fact that the death ray didn't kill was ignored by both the professor and the media in the naming of the invention. The fact that everyone hit by the ray had to truthfully answer all questions for several days afterwards proved very inconvenient for several politicians, corrupt cops and a rather large group of mafiosi. Strangely enough reporters seemed immune to the effects of the ray.

Fearing for their re-election chances politicians promptly devoted far more resources to the search, bankrupting several countries, and they were not alone, the mob also had no interest in the recurrence of this happening and neither did several other parties. During this time the combined price on the Professor's head reached a record shattering 17.8 Trillion Euros.

Terrorist had not been idle during this time of monomaniacal focus on the Professor and had, much to their later regret, managed to build a nuke. Denmark was currently seen in a light even worse than the great devil America in no small part though the controversy surrounding the Jyllands-Posten and its Muhammad cartoons, and therefore they planed to nuke Copenhagen. Unfortunately for them the Professor was looking for nuclear material at the time, and they happened to be the easiest way to acquire plutonium in the necessary quantities for his experiments.

Long story short at the 25th of October the Professor stole their nuke after working his way through dozens of other terrorist cells attempting to track down the nuke, with a hodgepodge of forces always hot on his heels. The Professor was finally captured on the 26th when he fell asleep next to the half disassembled nuke. Thanks to some quick talking by Ryoko, people became convinced that the Professor had deliberately hunted down terrorist cells to find the nuke (which was true) and that he did it just to save people (which wasn't so true). To express their thanks at preventing a nuclear disaster the Danes managed to get a back room deal through the UN which exiled the Professor, rather than having him killed, over the vocal objections of the French. It probably helped that the Professor hadn't visited Denmark before.

At this date there are still several bounties on the Professor's head, a declaration by the pope that the Professor is the Antichrist, a few Jihads, and a few assorted other death threats. though the numbers have dropped significantly, but the occasional stupid bounty hunter still makes a try for the Professor.


The Professor is generally friendly but will often get side tracked into a rant on the power of science.


Tall and lanky at 191 cm, always wears a labcoat. Messy light brown hair, blue eyes. He also wears a pair of glasses whose lenses are actually forcefields. When he feels the need to be formal he will (badly) wear a tie in some horrendous color or combinations of colors, and they usually have some small symbols on them that relate to mad science in some way, such as biohazard symbols.


The Professor has biomoded himself, though the exact effects are debated. It is known that he doesn't need sleep as long as he regularly ingest caffeine, though he does become crazier the longer he is awake. It has been argued that the Professor's biomod increased his intelligence and or his ability to work with handwavium but there is no objective proof of this. Lastly his insanity is often blamed on the biomod, but there are those who argue that he is sane, just eccentric.

Preferred Transport

The Sol Bianca

Known Associates

Ryoko Asakura, Miyu, Catty Nebulart, Indiana