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ResidenceHades Station, Pluto
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesIndy
The (Professor's) Apprentice
OccupationMan of Science
EmployerThe Professor
ParentsThe Professor (informal adoptive father)

Open Character, created by Catty Nebulart

Also known as:

  • Hassan, his real name which he hates.
  • Indy, what most people use.
  • Junior, used only by the Professor.
  • The (Professor's) Apprentice, mostly used by mundies, though some fen who don't know him use it too.

Mundane Abilities

  • Don't call me Junior! one of the fenkinder.
  • Nothing shocks me. I'm a scientist. Trained Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Linguist, Physicist, Philosopher, Theologian, Mathematician, and Mad Scientist. His focus is Archeology, but since he's banned from Earth he makes do with engine research, focusing on making superluminal drives, with the eventual goal of making a limit break.
  • Didn't any of you guys ever go to Sunday school? Knows every major religious text by heart.
  • We're abandoning the boat. Owns the Hades Research Station.

Wavium Abilities

  • We don't need the diary. Super learning, Indy can learn at ludicrous speeds.


  • You want to talk to God? Let's go see him together, I've got nothing better to do He is deeply religious, but his religion tends to switch to whatever religion he last read about. sometimes mentioning a religion is enough to cause him to convert.
  • Archeology is the search for fact... not truth. He wants to be Indiana Jones and sometimes forgets he isn't.


Friendly and excitable. He runs Hades, though other people have set up business in the asteroid (most notably the Restaurant at the End of the Universe). He Insists on being the archaeologist called in if any sign of an alien civilization is found. He will often use religious quotations (or quotes from Indiana Jones movies) to emphasize his point. He loves a good debate. A Man of Science(TM) like the Professor, though less obsessed with it and more leaning towards the softer sciences of sociology rather than the pure math, though he is accomplished in the hard sciences too, and in the mad. How could he not be, being trained by the Professor?

Indiana escaped from the Middle East on a rusty bicycle and managed to make it to the Sol Bianca. He wanted to grow up and become a scientist, so the Professor took him in and taught him. When Indiana joined the Sol Bianca he could read Arabic and do some basic arithmetic, when he left he was fluent in three languages and had written an influential paper on higher-order hyperbolic geometry. Indiana is almost as science-obsessed as the Professor, though he channels it slightly differently.

Indiana really wants to become an archaeologist, but with the mundane authorities as they are at the moment he has some trouble with that, which is why he is studying the Limit, astrophysicist is his second choice. He feels misunderstood by the mundane archaeologists who fear for their dig sites from the Professor's Apprentice.

His real name is Hassan but he took the name Indiana after one of his greatest heroes. The Professor keeps calling him Junior, much to Indiana's annoyance.