Sol Bianca

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Spacecraft Registry
Sol Bianca
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullHDMY Dannebrog
Length78.43 m
Width10.4 m
Height32 m
Primary ManufacturerNaval Dockyard, Copenhagen, Denmark
OwnerThe Professor
LaunchedAs HDMY Dannebrog, 26 May 1932
As Sol Bianca, "summer" 2008
PurposeResidence/Laboratory for The Professor
Hospital Ship during emergencies
Primary CrewThe Professor (owner)
Ryoko Asakura (business manager, quartermaster)
Miyu Glear (security specialist)
Catty Nebulart (pilot, lab assistant)
Operational StatusActive
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The ship now named the Sol Bianca was originally the HDMY Dannebrog, the royal yacht of the Danish Queen. The ship is desinged to be used as a hospital ship during wartime or other emergencies, and those medical facilities come in very useful as Mad Science has a way of exploding. It doesn't look much like the royal yacht any more due to various experiments and upgrades done to the ship. The ship is a gift from the royal family as the Professor was kicked off Earth following a long and convoluted story he can only dimly recall.