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Spacecraft Registry
SS Hades
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullA blasted open asteroid, various emergency rafts, and half a bicycle
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
PurposeResearch station
Operational StatusActive
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Built by the Professor and Indiana, "weird" begins to describe Hades Station but doesn't do it justice. The looks are a combination of mad science and ancient civilization, with strong influences from the early Greeks, late Mesopotamians and Aztecs. It is in a semi-stable orbit around the L3 Lagrange point of Pluto-Charon where it crosses the Limit once every 6.4 days, although occasionally it goes out of orbit to stay on either side of the limit for a little longer. Its main purpose is to study the Limit, which is why its stationed at this remote location.

There are several other people that started living there though, mostly businesses, including the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. There are also a large number of temples, churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship in the station.

The station is the rest stop at the limit, where almost any expedition either leaving Sol or coming back on any vector passing near Pluto stops by for a last bit of R&R, as well as stocking up on supplies and having Indy take a look at the engines since he is a recognized expert. Since there are not that many superluminal expeditions, business is bad, but they manage to scrape by. There are a surprising number of fendanes on the station; few of the priests are Fen, and the TSAB maintains an office there though it sometimes goes unstaffed.

There is a purely mundane observatory satellite near Hades which transmits the data back to Earth and forwards the control signals for Project Artemis.

Hades station also hosts the headquarters for the Pluto Project.