KA Preiswert

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Spacecraft Registry
KA Preiswert
Spacecraft Characteristics
Drive Type5x J-2 'waved Rocket Engine
Drive RatingMax. Acceleration: 3g
Max Delta-v: 10000 km/s
OwnerWhistler Orbital Services
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
FactionWhistler Services - EuroFen / Pulpers - Rhodanites
PurposeCorporation home base
Primary CrewSENECA (AI)
Other Crewvaries
Operational StatusActive
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Headquarters of Whistler Services.

Build as the response to the need for a home base after getting their first big contract, this station consisted in its core of the five S-IVB upper Saturn V stages that were ejected into Solar Orbits in the Apollo 8 to 12 missions. They were connected into a pyramid form, with four stages forming the base and the fifth the top. The top stage acted as living and docking module, while the lower modules act as workshop with storage area and large airlock. Several salvaged Centaur II upper stages act as water tanks to refuel the Toy Box and provide additional radiation protection.

One 40 foot and two 20 foot ISO containers extend the actual workshop area and contain the machines and tools of the station.

Later on a larger living module was added, made of 16 45 foot ISO containers to increase living space and add a few more docking points.

SENECA is the AI of the station and has nearly full control over the station, through he does not have control over the various computer controlled systems in the workshop.

Even with the construction of Cuno Station KA Preiswert remains the headquarters of Whistler Services.