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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullDyson Tree (Comet Nucleus)
Length3.2 km (1.2 km for comet nucleus, plus 2 km for trunks)
Width0.95 km
Height1.01 km
Drive TypeBiological Solar/Magnetic Sail (Speed)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.005c
ArmamentBiological Lasers
Magnetic grapples.
Primary ManufacturerACP Engineering Company
OwnerACP Engineering Company
Flag of RecordPrometheus Forge
Registry NumberACP-T-001
LaunchedSeptember 2013
PurposePrototype, with Food Production, Botany Lab, and others as needed
Primary CrewVaries, but mostly drones
Auxillary VehiclesVaries
Operational StatusActive
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Places in Fenspace
Planetary characteristics
OrbitSame as Prometheus Forge
Diameter3.2 km (1.2 km for comet nucleus, plus 2 km for trunks)
Surface GravityNegligible
Water/Ice Index92%
Population (2013)Varies
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
GovernmentPrometheus Forge
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Created By: Cobalt Greywalker

Created as a second attempt by Greenpeace, Ki grew far faster that that previous attempt. This was in part because Greenpeace had worked out some of the kinks, and in part by her having a small comet nucleus pulled in from the Kuiper Belt to plant it on.[1]

(The first attempt is currently sat on the 'top' of Prometheus Forge, growing about three centimetres a day. Still fast for a tree, but not exactly what Greenpeace had been hoping for. The rock she planted it into (hoping to transfer it to a comet once started) is tethered to the surface with a beacon light. For the last two Christmases Greenpeace has decorated it with tinsel, lights, and collected comet snow.)

Greenpeace's plans for brother and sister Trees for Ki have been put on hold, as Ki itself provides immense amounts of space and seems to have some sort of awareness (which means A.C. is reluctant to allocate further resources to the construction of more).

Ki's existence was not widely known until after the Boskone War, as it was placed 3000 KM down-orbit of Prometheus Forge to keep it out of the way. Afterwards it moved to its current station 50 KM away.


A 1.2x0.95x1.01km comet nucleus with 3 huge tree trunks growing out of it (2km tall by 330m wide at 14 May 2014.[2])

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • OK, this is weird: As a living organism, Ki tends to respond to things that those inside it don't or can't notice. This usually results in odd changes to the interior environment. While unsettling to people inside, it causes unusual adaptations to the various plants growing inside.
  • What the? Where'd that come from?: Something of a corollary to the above quirk, furniture (all wooden, natch) tends to appear and disappear as necessary. And equipment tends to integrate itself into the structure if left alone for more than a few minutes.
  • Bio-what?: Ki has, or seems to be developing, biological versions of some technologies. This includes the bio-lasers and carbon-nanotube based magnetic grapples it uses for defence, the organic fibre optical conduits for data transmission and lighting, and the lift tubes for internal transport.


  • Ki shows signs of an awareness that, while not sapience, is similar but unlike the sentience of small animals. As such, Greenpeace (at A.C.'s urging) is careful of who she introduces to the Dyson Tree.
  • The first indication of the inbuilt drive system was when Ki went off and grabbed a small (200 metre-ish) rock. When the White Stallion caught up, most of the rock had been absorbed for additional nutrients.


  1. Eddie was planning on a comet mining expedition anyway, this just meant he was inspired to move several to Prometheus Forge space. The sunshades were a bit overkill though.
  2. The branches triple the total width to get enough light to the leaves of the trunks.