136108 Haumea

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136108 Haumea
HaumeaRings IAA 1900.jpg
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 43.218 AU, eccentricity 0.19126
Diameterdebated - anywhere between 1050 and 1436 km
1,920 × 1,540 × 990 km?
1,960 × 1,518 × 996 km?
Surface Gravity0.63 m/s2
Year103774 days (284.12 Earth years)
Mean Temperature<50 K
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136108 Haumea is a Sol system dwarf planet.

There is some debate over who first discovered Haumea, but its existence was made public in late-July 2005.

Haumea is named after the Hawai'ian goddess of fertility and childbirth. It has a ring and at least two natural moons, 136108 Haumea I Hi‘iaka and 136108 Haumea II Namaka (both named after daughters of the Hawai'ian goddess Haumea).