4183 Cuno

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Places in Fenspace
4183 Cuno
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 1.984 AU, eccentricity .634
Diameter4.5 km (rough sphere)
Surface Gravitynegligible
Year1020.37 days
Day3.5595 hours
Population (2013)25
Political AffiliationWhistler Services
CapitalCuno Station
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Searching for a place to set up a largely automated factory for Intermodal Containers and other types of containers in big demand among the various fen factions, the sight of Whistler Services fell on 4183 Cuno, a S-type asteroid of the Apollo family.

As an iron nickel asteroid, with iron and magnesium silicates thrown in, it was deemed perfect as source of materials for the intended product for years to come, before it was needed to get any outside sources. Later veins of germanium and titanium were discovered deeper into the asteroid and prepared to be sold as raw material.

Falling back on the experts of Rockhounds, Inc and Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd. Cuno Station was build within nine month and the first 20 foot Intermodal Container certified for space left the factory line in mid 2014.

Since Cuno Station is mostly automated, including a set of point defense weapons, the crew is only responsible of supervising and maintaining the station and factory lines.

Later production lines for Whistler Propulsion Systems and Whistler Dockyard Services were added.