1130 Skuld

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Places in Fenspace
1130 Skuld
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.229 AU, eccentricity 0.197
Year1215.62 days
Day4.810 hours
Political AffiliationSoviet Air Force and Stellvia Corporation, Fenspace Convention
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy (personal property of Sora Hasegawa)
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1130 Skuld is an asteroid in the Main Belt, named after the Norn of the same name.

There is absolutely nothing on 1130 Skuld, except a single marker beacon claiming the entire asteroid as Sora Hasegawa's private property. This claim (made immediately after the Interdimensional Incursion Incident) is enforced for various reasons by the Belters, the Senshi, the Space Patrol, the Stellvians, and the VVS.[1]


  1. In most "Next-Gen" settings, asteroid Skuld will become Ms. Hasegawa's private residence, an informal home base for fans of Kosuke Fujishima's works, or both.