2138 Swissair

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2138 Swissair
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.686 AU, eccentricity 0.068
Diameter15.5 km
Surface Gravitynegligible
Year1608.2 days
Day12.7 hours (unverified)
Mean Temperature~170°K
Political AffiliationSwitzerland
GovernmentCorporate State (Swiss International Air Lines AG)
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2138 Swissair is an asteroid in the Main Belt.

Swissair Spaceport
Airport type Mixed Passenger/Freight Terminal
Owner/Operator Swiss International Air Lines AG
Location 2138 Swissair
Built 2010

Swiss International Air Lines AG, the 'Danelaw corporation that lent its earlier name to this asteroid, have claimed and colonized it, using it as a mass-transportation hub. There isn't yet enough traffic to make the Swissair Spaceport profitable, but the corporation has decided to take the long view, hoping that being the first to provide this service will give them an advantage in future decades.

Swiss International Air Lines also operates a maintenance hangar for its small fleet of Starclipper passenger spacecraft at 2138 Swissair.