Mary Wildman

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Mary Wildman
BornApril 1, 1982(1982-04-01)
ResidenceLittleton, Colorado, USA
CitizenshipUnited States of America
OccupationMember, US House of Representatives (CO-6)
Home townFairplay, CO
Term2012 -
PredecessorMike Coffman
Political partyDemocratic
RelativesS. Malaclypse Fnord (brother)

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Formerly a junior VP from a Denver-area teleco and part-time activist, Ms. Wildman got the seat through the honest effort of her opponent, a carpetbagging black-helicopter nutcase who thought CO-6 was a completely safe Republican district no matter how loony the candidate. Said wacko found out the hard way that this wasn't true, and Mary picked up the seat. Mary is one of several pro-fen voices in the US Congress, though not a very influential one; as the junior member of the Colorado delegation she's not on any important committees, though if she manages to hold the seat in the '14 midterms that will change. Oh, and she's also Mal Fnord (nee Sam Wildman)'s baby sister. Go figure.