125 Liberatrix

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Places in Fenspace
125 Liberatrix
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.744 AU, eccentricity .080
Diameter43.58 km
Surface Gravitynegligible
Year1660.02 days
Day3.968 hours
Mean Temperature~168°K
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
GovernmentDirect Democracy
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125 Liberatrix is an asteroid in the Main Belt.

Kyliea Hawking is a typical resident of Liberty. All school teachers should look this good... and on Liberatrix, they do.
A very few victims of the Catgirling Machine have been able to return to their old lives. Others have chosen, or been forced, to leave everything they ever knew on Earth and take up residence in space. The single largest expatriate catgirl colony is Liberty, on asteroid 125 Liberatrix. As yet, the severe gender imbalance (biologically, over 90% female) has not caused problems, but many Trekkie and Potterite sociologists fear that it's only a matter of time before the Interwave echoes with the cry "Liberatrix Needs Men!"

Due to the involuntary nature of their biomodification, the majority of the Catgirling Machine's victims have as little to do with the Furries as possible. However the space wing of the Liberatrix Defense Force was trained by a former United States Air force pilot that was a biomodded furry[1].

In 2018 catgirls from 125 Liberatrix and Jenga founded the company For Tailed Ones on the asteroid. The company is producing all kinds of furniture adapted to Biomods with tails. The presence of a group of catgirls from Jenga also helped to lessen the tension between 125 Liberatrix and the Furries.

In mid-2020, an unknown pirate group attacked Liberatrix. The Liberatrix Defense Force shot down many of the Pirates craft, and the few boarding torpedoes launched toward the asteroid were easily repulsed by the catgirls close to their docking point. Two days later an United Belt Alliance craft approached to advertise their new defense organization. But the catgirls were very agitated and not in a mood to discuss the topic and some of them had already asked for help from Jenga.

Just six month later a second group of pirates attacked Liberatrix, this time beginning with a few volleys of missiles out of direct weapon range to soften up their target. When most of their missiles were destroyed or dismantled by the recently installed Space Exocomp Hive at the company's factory and Liberatrix space fighters launched to meet them, the pirates decided to run away as quickly as possible.


  1. Mouse biomod, it also helps that his wife had been a early victim of a catgirling machine herself.