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Kyliea Hawking is a typical resident of 125 Liberatrix. All school teachers should look this good... and on Liberatrix, they do.
Catgirls have been a part of Fenspace ever since Shuko accidentally modded herself at THAT Con. They further began to spread through the occasional accidental or inspired biomod. However, just prior to Operation Great Justice, Boskonians began kidnapping victims and puting them through the catgirling machine created by Dr. Asmodeus Grey, greatly increasing their numbers.

There has been much debate amongst the Fen scientific community for why Catgirls seem so easy to create as biomods, or occur so often on accident. One theory posits that the collective unconscious has latched onto Shuko's story as an Ur-example of an accidental biomod. Another theory points out the large number of cat-people in recent popular fiction.[1] These theories goes on to state that the catgirling victims and later 'Daneside media portrayals have fed the pool making them more likely.


While one would think that catgirls would gravitate towards the furry fandom, the involuntary nature of the majority's transformation make them reluctant to join a group that so wantonly wants to be not human.

Further, there seems to be a rivalry between catgirls and the less numerous rabbit people, especially among the catgirls in the Extraplanetary Defense Force.


A catgirl is defined by two essential factors:

  • One must be female, or present as such, to qualify for the girl part.
  • One must possess feline features of some sort, with the usually agreed minimum being a pair of visible cat ears.

If one only meets the second condition, one is called a catboy. Since the Catgirling Machines only produce females, catboys are relatively rare.

Famous Catgirls

Sugar Rush
An all-pop, all catgirl band, popular amongst teens.
Catgirl Industries
A mostly-catgirl research institute.

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  1. In anime alone, Nuku-Nuku, Ichigo/Zoe in Tokyo Mew Mew, Merle in Escaflowne, Fam in Ruin Explorers, Neko-sensei in Princess Tutu, and Yuriko and Chinami in Mao-chan are a few of the many cat-people characters that are believed to have inspired cat-person biomods.