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The urge to explore has propelled evolution since the first water creatures reconnoitered the land.

—Buzz Aldrin, From the Moon to the Millenium, 1999

1. n. The biological modification in anyone who has ingested enough handwavium to trigger a one-time mutagenic reaction. Quite indeterminant in outcome but not typically fatal or crippling.
2. n. The result of any such mutagenic reaction.
3. v.t. To cause a mutagenic change in a living creature using handwavium.

Physics of Biomodification

While the effects of handwavium on a living being are difficult to predict, some traits appear to be universal:

  • You can get one biomod, you get only one, and after you get it, you can't get rid of it, barring major reconstructive surgery - and sometimes not even then.
  • Biomods are physical alterations and (like anything else that makes substantial invasive changes to a biological system) often cause corresponding changes in physical appearance.
  • Particularly strong handwavium fumes over a period of time may be enough to biomod someone, but that's about it, and that only because the lungs are so efficient at absorbing the stuff.

Put together, these traits make most people who are aware of them extremely wary around handwavium.

The First Biomods

Seventeen people were affected by the first batch of Guacamole, making them the first people to be biologically modified in Fenspace. Sixteen of them were quickly placed into quarantine by the US Government for months,[1] which explains part of the animosity between Fenspace and the Danelaw. All of the Seventeen have left Earth, although some still commute there to work.

Warning label found on many Handwaved food and medical products

Known members of the First Seventeen are:

Emergency Biomodification

“It’s a head injury,” she called back. “Bad one. Oh holy... oh... It’s...” Her tongue just tied itself into knots. It was obviously lethal, it was obviously going to be lethal very soon. Her skull had buckled in.

“Wave injector.” Mari ordered. “Now! Before she’s too far gone!”

—The decision to proceed with an emergency biomod, from Cats Cradle

Guacamole is occasionally used as a last-ditch medical procedure. While the patient isn't the same after awakening as he or she was before the injury, at least the patient is alive after the procedure.

Common Types of Biomods

The most common obvious biomods, because of Boskonian experimentation and mass-production, are Catgirls and Wolf People (in that order). Both were originally intended to be super-soldiers; many catgirls ended up becoming pleasure slaves instead.

The third-most-common class of obvious biomod is Rabbit People. However, non-obvious biomods are more common than bunnygirls and bunnyboys are.

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  1. The other victim, Shuko, was staying at a different hotel and thus escaped the roundup by not being known to be a victim at the time.