Nikodemus Riddle

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Nikodemus Riddle
BornNikodemus Fargo
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesScales
The Jovian Lizard
EmployerHermes Universal Deliveries
Known forBeing the first Fan to "set foot" on Jupiter

Primary Writer: Griever

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • People Person - he's a naturally personable individual who knows 'a Friend of a Friend' in almost every part of Fenspace.
  • Do it like this ... - has a talent for asset management, whether it's logistics or investment.
  • The Jovian Lizard - noted as the 'First Fan To Set Foot On Jupiter' back in the Fall of '09, somewhat erroneously since it was more of a diving expedition.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Carnbyfication - accidental biomodification resulting in the manifestation of reptilian traits. His skin is covered in scales of varying size, in various shades of blue - mostly light. In addition to that, his tongue has become forked and black, his sense of smell has increased appropriately, and he's rumored to possess an enhanced ability to sense vibration. Fortunately, he's not gone deaf and his eyes have remained as they'd been prior to the accident.


  • The difference is, I make this look good - For some reason, he insists on dressing like Larry Laffer. And making it work. How the hell he manages that is a mystery not even the Professor can decipher.
  • Surf's up, dude! - He's addicted to cloud surfing. Partakes whenever he has some free time saved up, which isn't all that often. Has held a spot in the Top Ten, Irregular Class of the Venusian Cloud Rider Circuit for four years running, despite only sporadic visits to the planet.
  • Well, if you put it that way - Don't say "bite me" around him. Just don't.
  • Lounge Lizard - Scales is convinced he can play Jazz. He's not wrong. He's just not much good at it.


Hermes Universal Deliveries