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Ken "Dakota" Olds
BornKen Olds
June 5, 1984(1984-06-05)
Colorado, USA, Earth
ResidenceKandor City
NationalityExiled American (Fenspace Convention)
CitizenshipSupers, Furries
OccupationHolo Artist
HeightBipedal 7'6" - Feral 4'3"


Seven feet and six inches blend of a American Pit Bull Terrier and Smilodon. With a blue piebald merle on white base fur. Mane of white hair fur is usually pulled back into a loose pony tail. Most people peg on the colors and ears at first glance. In reality he can be classified as a near classic Joker-Ace type biomod as he's a limited shape shifter with his nature resting form being a feral(Chatro) of his bipedal appearance. Chatro form to use terms from the World of Darkness Fen. Basically he screwed up by the numbers by paying more attention to his worgen druid in Warcraft then the setup for his biomod. Dumping more files then intended into the wave mix.

With Wave-tech, Dakota is a Jack-of-All, Master-of-None. Holo tech being the exception.[1]

He has a interest in a lot of things, being what most would call a Generalist. This results in him being willing to draw on a dozen different sources for material. He's fairly laid back with a long fuss on his temper. However he mainly IDs closely with Furries (Art), Supers(City of Heroes, Champions Online and Holo store location, and Warhammer 40k(Tau in Dawn of War games).

Clothing and items

Baggy shorts/pants of different colors, loose tank top or simple shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of highly modified sandals. Usually a belt or satchel of many pockets. A bag or two of Beggin' Strips.

Holo Wrist Computer MK II - Functions much like any wrist computer except it's glowing blue interface is completely holographic. Designed to interface wireless with the HUD and sub-vocal comm.[2]

Holo HUD Headband - A thick head band, usually partly hidden by a bandana he tends to wear. It looks similar to the comm collar he wears, but has a flexible holo projection system built into it. Manifests as a blue HUD that covers both eyes. Sometimes only one depending on what he is doing.

Neck sub-vocal comm collar - A device that hooks around the neck and lets the wearer use sub-vocal comm. It is usually wired to the HUD head band.

Face Mask - A armored mask with built in hud that covers his upper head and upper half of his muzzle. Painted with a faded white canine skull on a flat black base.

ID/badge Lanyard Worn around his neck on a simple strap. Nothing fancy other then the RFID chip built into it and glows in the dark.


Zenith 10mm Auto Custom ground up build, based off the Zenith pistol from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Firing the 10mm Auto and one of Dakota's most expensive weapons. Carried as a sidearm in a thigh holster both on duty and off with the Kandor City Police.[3]

Enfield L85a2 Gauss (Highly Modified) Originally one of two Enfield L85a2s acquired from Israeli contacts. Careful waving of the external shell for strength while internally replaced with highly modified internals from a Tau Pulse rifle. Employing frangible gauss darts or AP rounds as needed.

Enfield L85a2 6.8 mm SPC (Re-chambered) Originally one of two Enfield L85a2s acquired from Israeli contacts. Careful waving of the external shell for strength while re-chambered to use Remington 6.8 mm SPC cartridges. Mainly used for target shooting.

China Lake Grenade Launcher Clone. Clone of the Navy Seal's Vietnam era pump-action 40mm grenade launcher using modern light weight materials. Normally loaded with 40mm Foam Containment rounds. Dakota also keeps 40mm Buck Shot and Bee Hive rounds on hand. [4]


[[Image:|thumb|left|.]] Crinos (Bipedal)

Height: 7'4"

Gender: Male

Biomod: Limited Shape Shifter

Weight: 620

Build: Athletic

Eye Color: Blue

Languages: English

[[Image:|thumb|left|After having letting himself shift back to his default shape.]]

Chatro (Feral)

Height: 4'3" at the shoulder

Length: 11'6" - 3'2" of which is tail

Gender: Male

Biomod: Limited Shape Shifter

Weight: 620

Build: large feline/canine blend.


Dakota was one of the early adopters of handwavium. He wasn't driven to seek space or build a flying car like most Fen. Finding over the years that his most reliable wavetechs being Holo projector systems and the fabber system he built with the capital from quietly selling said projectors. He would have cheerfully stayed 'daneside despite repeated offers from some of his contacts. If it wasn't for a drunk driver t-boning the SUV he was driving and leaving him half crippled.

Dakota did not let that stop him. Drawing on his years of wave experience and do the one thing he's managed to avoid. Biomod "repair" himself with the wave and purpose built pieces of prosthesis. What he ended up modded into wasn't intended. For all his caution with the wave this was the one time he screwed up by the numbers, but not much he can do about that. Then tapping his contacts to assist in his escape from the US.

Notable Mundane Attributes

Artist: passable 2D artist, not half bad 3D artist.

Cook: passable cook

Gamer: Former MMO and sandbox game junkie

Holo Artist: Had a knack for building holograms and getting the wave to produce holo projectors before his biomod.

Handwavium Abilities

Dance little photons! Dance I say! DANCE!: Very good hologram device builder and artist on the level most require a blue hair/fur day for.

There's my Ace Dakota has a rather powerful regenerative abilities from his biomod at the cost of having to eat a lot of food after wards.

Dat Nose!: Has a very good sense of smell.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger While not a match for very high end cyber mods. He can and does spar with a number on their terms.[5]

Nose to the wind Dakota's bone structure shifts, allowing him to drop to all fours and move. Hands shifting to be more paw-like but still letting him pick things up with reduced dexterity.


Foo Dog - Driven to protect Fenkinder and temples if they are in danger. His tail manifests a blue glowing nimbus around the tip. Another glowing nimbus forms along his neck ruff as his eyes glow brightly.

Sam Fisher - When lurking in dark areas his eyes glow blue. The darker the area, the brighter the glow.

There's my Joker - Tends to default to his Chatro appearance if he doesn't take a active role in keeping himself in his Crinos form.

The walls man! They be pushing in! - Suffers from a urge to go Chatro and run free for hours. A urge that grows stronger over time until he does so. One of the main reasons he stayed at Kandor City for as long as he has.

Feral Quirks

Cloth Shreds - Anything other then really simple waved clothing is reduced to shreds when he shifts. Simple, wave treated, clothing somehow is absorbed by his body when shifting to Feral. Though still wearing the clothing when shifting back to Bipedal isn't always guaranteed.[6]

That's not meant to do that. - Shifting is uncomfortable when doing it slowly, fast is outright painful. It's also energy intense to do.

Mundane Quirks

Scoobie Snacks - Dakota maintains a bag of high energy containing, bacon flavored, snacks on his person at all times.

That won't fit - Has to have custom clothing and gear made for his frame.

My! you're a tall one. - Yes he is tall, but this just means his forehead tends to meet a lot of ceiling based obstructions when he's distracted.

Cold nose! - Crowds and being in Feral form doesn't always work out. More so with the high number of people wearing skirts.


Owns and runs Holo Neon in Kandor City.

Works part time for the Kandor City Police Department both as a 'K9' unit and SWAT. Kandor City Police Department

Keel owner of the Lunar Fox

Considers Vanessa Darkblade to be a sister from another family


  1. Even then the Trekkies can match his efforts through shear numbers of people working together.
  2. The Flex Circuit wave mix that makes all three of his worn devices possible is kept close to his chest. He will share it with any AI that asks.
  3. He gets needled for being armed with something that has more power then a .357. At least by those who know what a 10mm Auto is besides sounding bigger then a 9mm.
  4. Rumors abound that he has high explosive rounds under lock and key. Reality is that he actually has shaped charge rounds for anti-power armor purposes.
  5. The lack of resilience do to still being a fleshy has caught up to him more then once.
  6. He has actually had then appear next to him neatly folded or reappearing inside out.