Interdimensional Incursion Incident

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The Interdimensional Incursion Incident is the name given to either the late-May-2013 visit to Fenspace by fifteen people from fourteen other realities, or the actions of those people while in Fenspace.

The people who passed through the Fenspace universe during this incident are called alternately The Visitors or The Girls.

Consequences of the Interdimensional Incursion Incident

The Visitors were responsible for crippling the operations of the drug-lord known as La Mariposa.

They also assisted Yoriko Nikaido and A.C. Peters in eliminating the Boskonian presence on Stellvia, with major consequences to Ms. Nikaido.

However, their primary effect on Fenspace took place after they moved on; they left behind a copy of the database that would become known as the Whole Fenspace Catalog.

Other Incursions

People familiar with an obscure fiction series called The Drunkard's Walk realize that this had to have been at least the second interdimensional incursion into Fenspace, since these people were following Doug Sangnoir in an attempt to reach his home reality.

In the Fenspace Alternates where Fenspace is known as Gernsback-2, Infinity Patrol agent Maico Tange and Penetration Service agent Mohammed Chang are themselves incursions into Fenspace from two other universes.

The Fenspace Alternate story The South Is Rising (Someone Get A Hammer) has the entire continental United States being affected by an incursion.


The Interdimensional Incursion Incident is the subject of Legend of Galactic Girls