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Spacecraft Registry
Whistler Applied Technologies Laboratories
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullcontainer based torus space station
Length500m in diameter
Width65 m
Massabout 25000 tons
Drive TypeWPT reactionless Thrusters
Drive Ratingstationkeeping only
Primary ManufacturerWhistler Dockyard Services
OwnerWhistler Services
Flag of RecordGermany
FactionRhodanites (Pulpers)
Registry NumberW359-1
LaunchedLate 2018
PurposeReseach Station
Primary CrewZuse (AI)
225 crew (mostly scientists)
Other Crew30 Kerbals
Auxillary Vehicles4x Orbital Sled
Operational StatusActive
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In early 2018 Whistler Services decided that 4183 Cuno was not the best place to work on new projects and products. It was quickly decided that a dedicated Research Station.

The Construction of Reykjavik Station proved to be heaven send and Whistler Dockyard Services gained more experience of building larger space stations.

Whistler Applied Technologies Laboratories was originally designed as a 175m station like Reykjavik Station, but 'Dane contacts within the Max Plank Society noted that they would be interested in renting space on the new station. Being a German registered Corporation and very interested in working with the premier German Scientific Society, the Board of Directors quickly decided to expand the original design to include additional lab space.

Finished in Late 2018, WAT Labs follows the same orbit as 4183 Cuno, but trails it by half a day. 60 percent of the lab space is used by several Institutes of the Max Plank Society, whit 30 percent used by Whistler and the remaining ten percent by various smaller 'Dane research institutes.

Early in 2019 the main computer of WAT Labs developed an AI, which is very interested in computer sciences and named itself Zuse and began to design and then build an open source computer where everything is open source, from the CPU over RAM to the OS.

Known Vehicle Quirks:

  • Ze German!: If you cannot speak German, you have a problem on WAT Labs as no one is going to understand you, even if everybody speaks English. External Communications are exempt from this quirk.
  • Rundfunk: Every sound system on the station only plays WDR2, a German music station.
  • Open Source or nothing!: All computers, even those not connected to Zuse do not boot if they don't have an Open Source OS installed.